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(Not) The Garden Center, The End

Two cliff hangers in one week? (If you can even call them that.)
(Not) The Garden Center
(Not) The Garden Center, 2

By the time we made it back to the car, we actually felt pretty good.  For the last ninety minutes of our trek we walked  a wide trail in beautiful country. When we got home there was still plenty of afternoon left to go to the Garden Center or putter around on the balcony for awhile, but we were so exhausted, we fell asleep on the sofa in our hiking clothes. Except I didn’t sleep. Mike slept and I sat there making lists in my head until I thought I might explode. Then I got up and started chores.

We had wanted to hike San Jisento this weekend, but Mike’s been asked to pick up some extra shifts at work. And it’s ok, because I don’t think I’m ready for a ten-hour day and a thirty-pound pack. However, I am kind of excited to train this weekend.  Even if it’s only a six hour walk, even if it’s mostly uphill, even if there are bees and sweat and stickers. I just don’t want to have to use my trekking poles to hold foliage away from my face. Is that too much to ask?

wild flowers

I took this photo of wild flowers at least two hours before the business with the stickery waist-high weeds. There were no photos taken of the stickery weeds. Misery is not conducive to flora appreciation.

I keep my word

Spring in New York will not ever cease to amaze me.  Each year I’m struck by the insane beauty of the flowers that bloom out of nowhere and the tiny buds that sprout and the lush calls of the birds in the trees.  Laid out at the feet of this steel and concrete metropolis, the saturated colors are all the more breathtaking.

orange lillies

This year I’ve noticed that the flowers have an entire life cycle of their own.  First bloomed the tender daffodils and tulips, then the irises in all their midnight blue, now lillies on stalks as tall as me, or perched on top of pointed green crowns…

pink lillies

Then there are — are these daisies?  I think they’re wild flowers.  Michael says they’re just weeds, in which case I say, grow me a garden of these beautiful weeds!


Inside the apartment we have all sorts of green thumb experiments going on as well, and also our CSA starts up again tomorrow! Expect some very green posts in the near future.  Happy Monday!