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Housekeeping: an Update

Last month, I was the kind of person who had  a panic attack when I saw pet hair on the sofa. I used to have to vacuum the apartment and all of our furniture on a daily basis to avoid the panic attacks. A glob of toothpaste in the bathroom sink would make my stomach lurch. A coffee ring on the counter made my eyes itch. It was exhausting and it was awful.

Last week, I went five days, five whole days, without vacuuming. And you know what? It wasn’t that bad. No one died. No one caught a disease. No one even really noticed. We all just lived with it. Yes, at the end of five days things were pretty hairy but I didn’t mind because I knew that in a few more days the whole apartment would be perfectly beautifully exquisitely sparkling clean.

I just don’t stress out about the chores anymore. I no longer feel like I have to drop everything I’m doing to clean the house right now because it’s getting dirty and ifitgetsdirtywewillalldie. Now I look at the hairy sofa, or the coffee rings in the kitchen sink, and smile because a wonderful lady is coming over on Monday and she’ll take care of it me.

And it’s not that I have completely let everything go and the poor woman has to clean a filthy rathole every other week. No, no. We’re still doing the dishes every day, wiping down the counters, doing the laundry, cleaning the litter box, putting away the crap that piles up daily, balancing the checkbook, cooking, grocery shopping, recycling, walking dogs, watering plants, vacuuming every few (five!) days or so, we’re still doing all that. But what we don’t get around to? That stuff doesn’t make me want to kill myself anymore.

Also? I’ve started spending a little time every day just … relaxing. I’ve been spending more time with family. We’re running again. I did yoga this month! Twice! Last week when the weather was warm, I spent a whole hour before sunset one night stretched out on the balcony, my head nestled between the little dogs in their bed, watching the birds at the feeder. It. was. heavenly. This woman has saved my life.