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Worth Moving Cross-Country For


Yesterday my brother was sworn in to the California State Bar. We all met at Marston’s in Pasadena for breakfast at 8:30, then we went to the swearing in, and afterwards, we had a fantastic lunch at the famous Hollywood restaurant, The SmokeHouse. I ate more yesterday than I ate on Thanksgiving and I swear, if I don’t eat again until New Years, it will be too soon. But it was totally worth it.

Here’s a short video of my brother being sworn in. The back of my head makes a brief appearance, but the very best part is when the judge says, “Counsel, please be seated.” I got little chills all up and down my spine and both my parents started crying. Not because the judge told them to sit, but because he called them “Counsel.” You guys, my brother is a lawyer now. I am so happy for him I feel like my little shriveled heart grew three sizes that day.