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Between Boxes

We went to the Bronx Zoo last weekend and had this amazing Gorilla Experience. I capitalized Gorilla Experience because that’s what the attraction is called: The Gorilla Experience. It was amazing! I took this photo, flash off, standing that close to those gorillas. You can totally see my reflection in the glass.

primate pow wow

Were there not glass between us, I could have leaned over and kissed the fuzzy wuzzy’s on the face! I wanted to, I really wanted to. I spent so much face time with the gorilla in the middle that I walked away feeling like she’d become my best friend. I was completely enchanted.

tiger paw

Then we saw the tigers. I was really this close to a tiger. Take away that inch-thick layer of glass and we were practically nose to nose.

tiger face

Be still my beating heart.

tiger ear

There were other animals too, a mole with a pig nose and the biggest buck teeth I’ve ever seen, a thirty pound cat-shaped rodent, and a tank full of hissing cockroaches to name a few, but I didn’t get a whole lot of fantastic pictures because I refused to use my flash. It’s ok, though. At least I didn’t blind the beasts.