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In Case You Didn’t Get Enough Malted Eggs Yesterday

You guys! It’s a Sylvanian Easter!

Sylvanian Easter

You didn’t think I’d stop with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, did you? Oh hells no! Easter’s gotta re-pre-sent.

Garden Party

Little Prissy Thistlethorne is getting ready for the Easter garden party while baby Heather plays pretend with her toy bunny and pram.

hiding eggs

Uncle Sweetwater plays the Easter Bunny hiding eggs inside and out, while Mama and Papa Thistlethorne stroll like young lovers on a cool spring day.

like young lovers

Cousin Charlie is picking apples, Aunty Sweetwater and Mrs. Babblebrook have found some Easter eggs, and Mr. Babblebrook tends the carrot garden.

Easter Garden

The ladies all look so nice in their Easter bonnets that little Chester felt left out. “But Mama,” he cried, “I want to wear an Easter bonnet too!” And so he did.

Easter bonnet

Isn’t he darling pushing his little pink wheel barrow full of Easter treasures?

Sylvanian Easter 2

Happy Easter to all, and to all, a Good Night.

Did you get enough to eat?


Happy Thanksgiving from the Babblebrooks, the Thistlethornes, the Sweetwaters,
and my inner child.

Good Monday, Internets! I trust you had a nice Thanksgiving? I did. I spent all day Thursday baking, then dinner at my brother’s house. Friday Mike spent all day cooking and we had dinner at my parents house. Saturday I had lunch with Kim’s Kitchen Sink, which was wonderful, my only complaint being that we didn’t get a photo together and we really should have. Sunday we had my cousins and some longtime family friends over for turkey sandwiches and all in all it was a wonderful, long, relaxing weekend.


Rocky Thistlethorne wants to teach Father Sweetwater to fish Native-Style. But should they take Rocky’s trusty canoe or the Mayflower?


Chief Kelsey Sweetwater is having a pow wow with Brother’s Charlie and Chester, of the Thistlethorne Pilgrim Clan.

(We can thank my childhood feline companion for the sacrifice of a small bird which provided the feathers in Chief Kelsey’s headdress.)


The native women come bearing gifts of beads and blankets to the timid Pilgrim ladies.

And coming up next week… It’s Christmas in Sylvania!

(Also, is it living with my parents that’s causing this regression into childhood, or just the holidays and some good old fashioned nostalgia?)

Trick or Treat!

This is a ridiculously late Halloween post, late because during the entire month of October I averaged 11 hours of work a day and so never found the time to post these photos. In fact, didn’t even take the photos until today, lucky for me my mother didn’t mind leaving her Halloween decorations up through the first week of November.

There’s a funny family story my father tells about the time he handed me my allowance and when he asked what I would do with it I answered, “I’m saving up for a Sylvanian Family.” He was so impressed. He couldn’t wait to tell my mother how proud he was that his little seven-year-old daughter was saving up her hard earned allowance for a third-world family in need. Was he ever disappointed when my mom informed him that in fact Sylvanian families were toys, not people.

On a rainy Sunday afternoon in early October I uncovered a box in the garage marked “Sylvanian Halloween.” I opened it up and instantly found myself dizzy with childhood memories. I was eight when my mom and I spent a whole weekend making little costumes, trick-or-treat bags, tiny clay pumpkins and treats – no candy, I insisted that animals don’t eat candy, so we made cheese wedges and carrots and fish for the creatures to hand out to their trick-or-treaters. It was wonderful. And X number of years later it still is.

Internet, meet the Thistlethornes, the Babblebrooks, and the Sweetwater newlyweds, all decked out for Halloween!

Sylvanian Halloween

Here I am dressed as a flamenco dancer with my nephew-who-lives-in-Japan, and behind us is the very first Sylvanian Family Halloween set-up.

halloween 8 yrs

It hasn’t changed much. Neither have I. (Ha.)

bunny mummy

Rocky Babblebrook has come back from the dead! Eeeeeek!

lady bug

Little Heather Thistlethorne is shy and whispers, “Twick o’ tweeeet!

little devils

Charlie Thistlethorne is a little devil, but Coral Babblebrook is the littlest devil of all!

la bruja

Uh oh! It looks like Willow Thistlethorne turned Morris Sweetwater into a pumpkin! Oh, wait. That’s just his Halloween costume. Fooled me!

And just wait. For Thanksgiving, everyone gets dressed up like Pilgrims and Indians!