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Not A Cubicle

This is my current work space:

not a corner office

I’m thinking of filing a complaint.  I mean, seriously. I was expecting a cubicle and they gave me THAT. (Alas, it is only temporary, so I am enjoying every moment of it.)

Today I saw nine golden finches feeding at the bird feeder, I watched dozens of lizards scamper by, Valentine and I sat in the sun while I typed all the dictation, and I took all my phone calls with my nose in the roses. Eight hours at a computer balanced by flowers and birds and squirrels! I forgot to mention the squirrels! My father keeps a squirrel feeder full of peanuts, only today it was empty and this big, fat squirrel came clambering up to it and when he realized it was empty, started banging on it with his little squirrel fists and I just know he was thinking, “Where my nuts? Gimme my nuts!”

I don’t miss New York at all.

Gloom and Doom

It’s May.  It’s May 19, exactly three years and one day from the day Michael landed in the city permanently.  Semi-permanently.  Anyway, it’s May, and it ought to be sunny and beautiful and breezy, but instead it’s gray and gloomy and cold.  I’m still wearing my winter coat.

I’ve realized that the movie Splash, with Daryl Hannah, Tom Hanks and John Candy, is actually about a California girl, not a mermaid.  See, she’s from the Valley, which is why he can’t understand anything she says.  Anyway, I’m like Madison when they’ve been keeping her in that aquarium in the science lab and all her scales are peeling off. I’m beginning to wilt.  The only reason I have survived thus far is because I spent every sunny day this winter curled up on top of the radiator under the window like a cat, soaking up the sunbeams.  Only there hasn’t been any sun in three days.  THREE DAYS.

gloom and doom

I need the sun.  I am a girl who’s meant for sandcastles and tide pools, not skyscrapers and taxicabs.  I haven’t had tan lines in three years.  I am suffering from a serious case of Vitamin D deficiency.  My doctor swears my vitamin D levels are fine, BUT WHAT DOES SHE KNOW?

Oh god, please make the sun shine soon.  Please.  Please.  Please.

Saturday Morning


*I wish every morning was Saturday morning*

Blog Lite


*she dreams in a ray of sunshine*

Valentine has taken over my writing spot for the week.  She’s keeping it warm for me.  My J-O-B has a lot of stuff going on and no one is more sorry than I am over the fact that posting this week will be very light.  Last night I was so tired that I fell asleep across the laundry pile I was supposed to be folding.  It was only eight o’clock.  The next three days will be equally long and exhausting, so forgive me if you don’t hear anything from me until Friday.

One day, maybe, in a land where dreams come true, I can spend all of my time curled in my blue chair, the morning sun warm on my back, while I write and write and write.  But until blogging pays the bills, it’s off through the rain and cold I go.