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spaghetti sauce

You guys. I made spaghetti sauce. From scratch.

I realize that most of you probably cook all the time and the idea of getting excited over some spaghetti sauce is truly laughable, but fore me, me who up until very recently had a panic attack whenever I was asked to cook something, me who didn’t know how to hard boil an egg, me who enjoys the taste of burned food because until recently, everything I cooked for myself was charred to a blackened crisp, for me this spaghetti sauce was a very big deal.

I didn’t even use a recipe. I just threw stuff in a pot and simmered it all together. Some of the stuff I sauteed first and some of the stuff I browned first, but I just threw it all together and you guys, it was so delicious and I had so much fun doing it. So. Much. Fun. I’d tell you exactly how I did it, but I’m probably the only person in the world who has never made spaghetti sauce before, so I won’t. Instead I’ll show you a photo of how it looked when I ate it with spaghetti squash and asiago cheese.


You know you want some.