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18 Days

halloween decorations

Can you believe there are only eighteen days left till Halloween? I can’t. I’m trying to lull myself out of a how-is-it-already-October shock by decorating for the holiday. I didn’t want to buy a bunch of decorations we’d have to store all year, so instead, we went to the market and picked up a bunch of beautiful fall squash. I love how festive they are, but I really love knowing that when we’re sick of looking at them, we can eat them.

little punkin

We also spent six bucks on some warty little gourds. When we’re done using them for Halloween decorations we’ll either try to find a recipe for them, or turn them into tea-light candle holders for Thanksgiving. Not sure which yet.

not a real rat

I’m particularly proud of my centerpiece for the coffee table. A little bit of spooky tucked in here and there. I have a box of old Halloween decorations I’ve yet to go through, but I’m excited to get them out and see what’s worth displaying. What about you? Are you going to dress up this year? Are you decorating or carving pumpkins?