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I Plum Forgot

Oh hi! Remember when I said I was going to post every day in November and then, on November 4th, I totally forgot and didn’t post?  Yeah…. that happened.

Anyway. Saturday evening I posted a verbal panic attack over emergency preparedness and little did I know, Kim had just posted an awesome, super informative post on HOW to be prepared in an emergency. Kim 1 : Trish 0. Not that we’re keeping score. I love you Kim! Thank you for your super helpful post that I will print out and follow to a T!


Lately (read: the last three weeks) I’ve been feeling like I completely suck at life. But you know what I don’t suck at? Super cute hair styles. LOOK:

Yes, I took this picture in the bathroom at work. (Yes, I’m blogging at work but I’m on my lunch hour so it’s perfectly fine.) (Even though I should be studying TORT LAW.) This horrible cell phone picture and my weird cross-eyed crazy-face doesn’t do the cute up-do justice, but I promise, it’s so freaking cute.  YOU SHOULD SEE THE BACK. SO PRETTY. I tried to take a photo but it did not come out. You’ll have to trust me. I call this my “Five minutes to FABULOUS 60’s inspired up-do”.  My mom used to wear her hair like this in the 1960s and she taught me how to do it.  It literally takes less than five minutes to pin up and then I feel pretty all day which is the best feeling ever. Next to feelings of accomplishment, self-fulfillment, and love.  If you ask (or even if you don’t), I’ll post a tutorial.  For reals. You’ll love it.

I’m going to go study TORTS now, which, unfortunately, are nothing like tarts. Peace out lovas.