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This tiny section of my family room makes me feel indescribably happy. The portrait is of my mother-in-law, Geraldine, when she was sixteen. She’s a real beauty and I think her portrait is lovely over the radio table. One day, if I ever acquire a camera that takes fantastic photos in low lighting, I’ll take a real picture of Geraldine so you can admire her too.


Slowly but surely, in bits and pieces, the apartment is coming together!

bedroom lamp

New bedroom lamp, a gift from my mother, who has exceptional taste. Antique eight-legged table,
on loan from my brother Ty and his wife Kirsten, who also have exceptional taste.

radio table

Lamp found street-side. Art Deco radio table also on loan from Ty and Kirsten (and of course the first thing we did was lose one of the bakelite knobs. Currently searching Internets for a replacement.) Books are from my collection of antique books & plays, dead bird sculpture a Christmas gift from Ty and Kirsten. They know me well.