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Sidewalk Angels

Seriously Catty

If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, you’ll have figured out by now that I have a thing for animals. I love them. A lot. Maybe more than is natural. I even love them when they are dead and rotting. But mostly I love them when they are alive and well, and I especially love to be able to help them whenever and however I can.

Recently I heard about Sidewalk Angels Foundation, a New York-based non-profit organization established by Rob and Marisol Thomas. Sidewalk Angels works hand-in-hand with charities in and around America’s big cities. They help people who are destitute or homeless, people who can’t afford proper medical care and animals that have been abandoned or abused. One of the organizations they work with is Pets Alive in Middletown, NY, which is the rescue through which I met and fell in love with Theo. So when they asked me to make a video to help promote the Rob Thomas/Sidewalk Angels Auction, I almost peed my pants.

Check it out. Show your support. And bid!! You could win an all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas to see Rob Thomas perform live, all in the name of helping those in need.

When you can make a difference

7367.mabelMabel spent ten years in the same Virginia puppymill Theo came from.  She, Theo, and more than two hundred other small breed dogs ranging from Jack Russel Terriers to Westies to Chihuahuas, were rescued in the fall of 2007 thanks to effort from Best Friends and Pets Alive.  When she was rescued, Mabel was pregnant with what could have easily been her nineteenth litter.  It was clear she was due any day, her belly was quite swollen and she was obviously uncomfortable.  The veterinarians taking care of her were nervous about this birth because Mabel was well past her prime years.  They waited two days and then they gave her a C-section.  Her vets had had every right to worry.  It turned out she had only been pregnant with one pup, and by his size they could tell he was weeks over due.  And many more weeks dead.

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