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Frosty’s Got Her Groove Back (I think.)


V-Dog says, “Just chill, man. Just chill.”

Today marks three months since we arrived in Los Angeles and three months of living with my parents and all our animals. I wrote a one-month check-in, but I skipped the two-month because it was a much less pleasant month. First of all, it rained nearly every day. Also, the honeymoon of being home had worn off and I was reminded of all of The Valley’s flaws and did you know that sometimes it rains in Los Angeles? Because I was sure there was no rain here but it has rained at least forty-five of the ninety days we’ve been home.

This last month has seen it’s own trials, don’t get me wrong. But I think I’m starting to get into the swing of it. We’re beginning to get into a bit of a routine, which is great, I am a huge fan of routines. We’ve been spending a lot of time with family and we’re looking forward to the holidays. Also, I’ve gotten over the weather, mostly. I went to New York at the end of October and realized that sixty-degree weather is not cold. Sixty-degrees is lovely, thank you. I will never again complain about sweater weather in November.

As far as work goes, it’s starting to be fun again. For a minute things were really intense, but I’m settling in, learning how to work with the other members of my team, finding my voice. Michael hates his job, loathes and despises it, but as soon as he gets his California EMT card he’ll be moving on, so he’s not letting it get to him. Instead he’s looking forward to school in January. He finally got all his transcripts sorted out and he’s been given a date to register for Spring semester. The admissions office had given him such a hard time about his classes – as if Bio 1 in New York City is somehow sub par to Bio 1 in Los Angeles – it made me crazy. When I found out he’d gotten everything transferred over, it was all I could do not to jump up and down and squeal like a child. I am absolutely over the moon.

So things have been looking up. The second month home I felt like moving had been a mistake, something we rushed into, dear god, what did we do to our life? But this month feels good. Like we’re getting our groove back.

It occurred to me today that all of life is like this. That no matter what, there are good days and bad days, sometimes you’re in a groove and sometimes you’re in a ditch. Even when we aren’t making big life changes, things are always changing, and just because we find our way one day doesn’t mean we won’t get lost the next. I think that what I need to focus on is building a life that’s congruent with my goals. Even when things aren’t going the way I plan, if I’m at least moving towards something I want, I feel happy.

What are my goals, you ask? I’d be happy to tell you! In the next six months I’d like to spend more time with friends. I’d like to spend more time writing. I want to visit Florida with Michael so we can spend time with his mother. I want go on weekly dates with my wonderful husband. I want to be living in a little two-bedroom home that we love, that we could be happy in for at least five years. I want health insurance. And I want to be having fun and feeling successful in my career.

Those are pretty reasonable goals, right? Totally manageable. If things change between now and then, if my goals change, it doesn’t matter. After all, people make plans and God laughs at plans. And then people cry and get depressed. Then they make new plans and feel hopeful and there we have the circle of life.

The Weekend Before The Big Move

So far we have:

  1. Found homes for the worm bins
  2. Packed everything that we absolutely can live without for the next four days
  3. Sent the cats safely to Los Angeles
  4. Built a special snake crate to safely transfer Meph across the country
  5. Packed suitcases of the clothes we’ll need our first two weeks in California, including work clothes for me and job interview clothes for Mike
  6. Secured someone to take over our lease
  7. Canceled TimeWarner and ConEd
  8. Changed our forwarding address
  9. Secured someone to take over our lease

We still need to:

  1. Purchase food for the road
  2. Find a home for our CSA
  3. Pack clothes for the road
  4. Find homes for the rest of our plants

And I don’t even know what else. There are a million other things, I know there are, but I can’t think of any of them right now. I’m a little freaked out, I’ll be perfectly honest. I’m ok, I’m fine, it’s all going to be all right, I’m just a little freaked out. Which is normal. But it doesn’t help that things are beginning to get messy. Messy makes me grind my teeth. Messy makes me want to cry.


bedroom before


bedroom after



kitchen before


kitchen after


living room before


studio before


cardboard nightmare

I’m totally over this.

And I am really looking forward to UNpacking on the other end.

Big News

St. Andrews

Once upon a time we had a little house and a little garden, and then we moved into a tenement.

We’re moving back to Los Angeles. In August.  I know I told you we’d decided to start saving up for it, but it’s funny the way life works because I put that out into the Universe on June 9th and two weeks later all this stuff fell into place, we found someone willing to take over our lease, we realized we’d saved enough to cover the costs of a move, and you guys, we’re finally going home.  We’ll be back on the west coast in eight weeks and I seriously can’t even believe it’s real.

I’m also completely freaked out.  Moving cross-country is no easy feat, in fact, it’s just about the most horrendous task I’ve ever carried out, and while at least this time we’ll be landing in a city full of our family and friends, a city I grew up in, a city we adore and have greatly missed, this move is bound to throw some wrenches at us.  For one thing, Mike’s finally found part-time work and now he’s going to have to start the dreaded job hunt all over again, in a city where there is hardly any work at all.  I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Also, we’re going to have to find a place to live.  I had really hoped we were settled in for at least two more years, I loathe and despise moving, we didn’t want to leave the city at least until Mike graduated from school, but this job offer is not going to wait and when it comes down to it, if neither of us ever has to experience another city winter, it will be too soon.  But finding a place to live!  I’d rather gouge my eyes out with a spoon than try to find decent digs in the San Fernando Valley within our price range.  Still, I’m going to keep my fingers crossed and let myself dream of a little house with a little garden, and two bedrooms so we can have a nursery an office.  Doesn’t that sound perfect? It totally does! A little house with two bedrooms and a little backyard with a garden to grow things in.  And hardwood floors.  And lots of windows.  In the San Fernando Valley. For under a thousand a month.


Hollywood Flowers

Hollywood, 2006