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He’s Probably Right

Me:  I have to be out of here at 7:30 tomorrow morning. I have my first therapy session at 8:00 a.m.

Him:  That’s right! With the cognitive behavioral specialist?

Me:  Well, it’s the “assessment”. They have to decide if that’s what I need or if I need some different kind of therapy.

Him:  So… you might not be back.

Me:  …

Him:  I mean, one look at you and it’s off to the psych ward.

Me:  I’m blogging that.


Kitchen = Love

So I lied about having unpacked our last four boxes this past weekend. I didn’t lie about unpacking four boxes, I really did that, but the other day I found a fifth box hiding away in the kitchen cabinets. There were five boxes, not four. And actually, there might be a few more hiding around here somewhere, I have no idea. Mike says if we find boxes we didn’t even know were missing we shouldn’t bother to keep the stuff in them, but I say he should not speak poorly of our beloved … items. Whatever they are. Anyway. That’s not what this post is about. This post is a kitchen update!

Remember when I said I wanted to start a collection of vintage everyday dishware for the shelf over my kitchen window? Ask and ye shall receive!


Oh, can you not see all the way up there? Here. Let me show you a close-up:


I know! I know! Isn’t it cute?? I love it so much that when I see it I squeal like a girl. I have my mother to thank for practically everything up there. Each item is either vintage or antique, and almost all of it has sentimental value. If you click over to my flickr page and mouse over the photos, you’ll see I put notes over everything for anyone who might be into that sort of thing. Mike’s priority task for this week is to put a lip on that shelf so when we get a good ol’ California shaker we won’t lose all of those pretty things to the inevitable nasty fall.


I love our kitchen. I really do. These photos don’t do it justice at all. For one thing, it looks way more cluttered in the photo than it does in real life. The photo sort of looks like a mess, but in person it just looks cozy and wonderful. And all of the items sitting out are things we use on an every day basis, so it’s nice that they are so easily accesible. See?

cute not cluttered

Not cluttered! Cute!

Here’s a photo of what the kitchen looked like the last time I posted. The changes since then have been small ones, but we think they’ve made a big difference:


There is so much that we would love to do to this kitchen if we owned this place. For one thing, we’d replace all the cabinets. I don’t know what we’d put in, but it wouldn’t be that. Then we’d paint the walls and of course we’d put in new counters. But I think the first thing we’d do, before we did anything to the ktichen or any other room, is rip out the carpeting and put in hardwood floors.

Have I mentioned lately how much I hate our carpeting? (It’s awful.) But I love our kitchen!

Planning on a Perfect Weekend

Friday Night:

Two tickets to “Stupid Cupid: A collection of anti-love scenes” at El Camino High School, starring my darling 17-year-old nephew. He’s playing Prior in a scene from Angles in America and he designed his own costume. I CANNOT WAIT.

Saturday Afternoon:

Wake up at 6 a.m., ride my bike into the office and get my first dose of exercise in over three weeks. Thank. Goodness. I’m working the Second Saturday Divorce Workshop for Ron and Robert and am very much looking forward to the featured speakers – I always learn something new.

Saturday Night:

Clean the whole apartment from top to bottom. Except the toilets, which Mike cleaned on Thursday. Because he knows how much I hate cleaning toilets. I love him.

(Can we just take a moment to acknowledge how much I am looking forward to spending my Saturday night with a bucket and a pile of rags?  Shall I rename myself Suzy Homemaker?)


Sleep late, enjoy a leisurely coffee and breakfast with Michael, and then (drum roll, pleeez) — Home Improvement Day! On our list of things to do….

*Paint picture frames for second bathroom
*Paint wooden box to hold cotton balls and cotton swabs for second bathroom
*Find and purchase the PERFECT fabric for our kitchen, re-cover kitchen chairs and sew kitchen curtains
*Finish decorating the office
*Feed the snake
*Bathe the stinky little dogs.


They smell bad, but they’re pretty!


Me: We should rent that new movie about Darwin  You’ll love it.  Your girlfriend’s in it.
Him: My girlfriend?
Me: That actress you’re so in love with.
Him: Cate Blanchett?
Me: Wait.  I thought you had a thing for Jennifer Connelly?
Him: Yeah. I’d marry ’em both.
Me: Fine.  Whatever.  I’ll still be the youngest.