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I don’t know how this happened. (Yes I do.)

When I was a little girl, I thought it would be fantastic to collect salt & pepper shakers. I remember eyeballing all kinds of salt & pepper shakers in souvenir shops while on vacation with my parents, and wishing I was a grown-up with my own kitchen so I could collect all the most beautiful shakers!

Then I grew up and realized how lame a salt & pepper shaker collection really is. And then I realized I own not one, not two, but six (SIX!) sets of salt & pepper shakers. All acquired after I was old enough to vote. Oh. Goldfish.

the collection

I don’t know what to do. Do I embrace the collection and display it? Do I attempt to find worthy homes for all but one set? (Ha.) Or do I rotate them out every so often? You know, when I’m feeling a fifties kitsch┬ávibe, I put the pink pigs out. When I feel like a WWII military wife, I pull out the super cool 1940’s glass-that-looks-like-plastic set. Lately I’m feeling the little black dog peeing on the red fire hydrant. It’s appropriate to my current state of being. (Am I the fire hydrant or the dog? You decide.) But one day I might really want giant copper shakers or maybe I’ll want to hold a wiener while I spice my food! YOU NEVER KNOW.

So what do I do? Display all or rotate-when-the-mood strikes?