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Do you think they want something?

waiting for breakfast

Theo, Smellmutt, and Valentine. Their expressions clearly say, “Where the food at, human thing?”

Sea Birds

One of the very best things about being self-employed and working from home is being able to go out of town without missing a day of work. Of course, that turns vacations into work retreats instead of vacations, but still. It’s a retreat!

This week I’ve been writing to you from beautiful, breezy Oxnard, California, where the gulls fly overhead and it’s never quite warm enough to ditch your sweater. As I mentioned yesterday, I’m trying to learn how to better use my camera before our big trip to Bolivia, so I am taking lots and lots of photos. Check it:


flock of seabirds


My brother brought his little dog Helmut (ours are at home with a pet-sitter), who had the most wonderful time chasing waves and barking at seabirds.

seabird flight



Helmut’s bright red service dog vest makes him look like he’s wearing a little SuperMan cape.