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Sunday Afternoon

Sunday Afternoon Web

We haven’t had a Sunday afternoon like this in ages. The kind of Sunday when you stay in your jammies with a coffee  and the paper until noon. An afternoon for reading in the shade of a tree, a little dog on your lap. A long, lazy, quiet day of rest.

Usually Mike has to work on Sundays, but he was running in the woods yesterday and tripped over a piece of barbed wire and hurt his hip really badly. He can’t put any weight on his right leg at all, and it’s hard to wait tables standing on one leg. So he’s home resting and I’m resting right alongside him. Or, I’m doing my version of resting, which is to say I’ve given myself a manicure and a pedicure, and washed four loads of laundry. Heaven.

Not A Cubicle

This is my current work space:

not a corner office

I’m thinking of filing a complaint.  I mean, seriously. I was expecting a cubicle and they gave me THAT. (Alas, it is only temporary, so I am enjoying every moment of it.)

Today I saw nine golden finches feeding at the bird feeder, I watched dozens of lizards scamper by, Valentine and I sat in the sun while I typed all the dictation, and I took all my phone calls with my nose in the roses. Eight hours at a computer balanced by flowers and birds and squirrels! I forgot to mention the squirrels! My father keeps a squirrel feeder full of peanuts, only today it was empty and this big, fat squirrel came clambering up to it and when he realized it was empty, started banging on it with his little squirrel fists and I just know he was thinking, “Where my nuts? Gimme my nuts!”

I don’t miss New York at all.