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Happy (Early) Halloween!

Little Miss Eva as Annie Oakley and her trusted steed, Pony Boy*

You’re welcome. 😀







Photos courtesy of Stephanie Gill Photography.
Gorgeousness courtesy of my daughter, Eva.

*Annie Oakley didn’t really have a horse named Pony Boy. But Eva sure does!

He just wants me for my brains

halloween 2011

Can you believe it has been eighteen days since my last post? I can’t. This month has been … let’s just say I’ve spent the last two and a half weeks curled up in a fetal position, repeating “this will pass, this will pass, this will pass” until my face turned blue.

Here’s hoping you had a wonderful Halloween, and a much, MUCH better October than I’ve had. Though October has sucked fat dingleberries, Halloween (celebrated this past Saturday night) was fantastic. Mike and I even pulled together costumes at the very last minute which was spectacular and super fun and – wait for it – the VERY FIRST TIME Michael and I have EVER dressed up for Halloween together in the ENTIRE eight-plus years we’ve been together. So you get two pictures. Because it was momentous.

halloween 2011.2

My gypsy costume is basically the exact same gypsy costume I wore for Halloween when I was six. Only it fits better now than it did then. Mike’s zombie costume was the result of his hidden talents with a box of crusty old stage makeup.

18 Days

halloween decorations

Can you believe there are only eighteen days left till Halloween? I can’t. I’m trying to lull myself out of a how-is-it-already-October shock by decorating for the holiday. I didn’t want to buy a bunch of decorations we’d have to store all year, so instead, we went to the market and picked up a bunch of beautiful fall squash. I love how festive they are, but I really love knowing that when we’re sick of looking at them, we can eat them.

little punkin

We also spent six bucks on some warty little gourds. When we’re done using them for Halloween decorations we’ll either try to find a recipe for them, or turn them into tea-light candle holders for Thanksgiving. Not sure which yet.

not a real rat

I’m particularly proud of my centerpiece for the coffee table. A little bit of spooky tucked in here and there. I have a box of old Halloween decorations I’ve yet to go through, but I’m excited to get them out and see what’s worth displaying. What about you? Are you going to dress up this year? Are you decorating or carving pumpkins?

Trick or Treat!

This is a ridiculously late Halloween post, late because during the entire month of October I averaged 11 hours of work a day and so never found the time to post these photos. In fact, didn’t even take the photos until today, lucky for me my mother didn’t mind leaving her Halloween decorations up through the first week of November.

There’s a funny family story my father tells about the time he handed me my allowance and when he asked what I would do with it I answered, “I’m saving up for a Sylvanian Family.” He was so impressed. He couldn’t wait to tell my mother how proud he was that his little seven-year-old daughter was saving up her hard earned allowance for a third-world family in need. Was he ever disappointed when my mom informed him that in fact Sylvanian families were toys, not people.

On a rainy Sunday afternoon in early October I uncovered a box in the garage marked “Sylvanian Halloween.” I opened it up and instantly found myself dizzy with childhood memories. I was eight when my mom and I spent a whole weekend making little costumes, trick-or-treat bags, tiny clay pumpkins and treats – no candy, I insisted that animals don’t eat candy, so we made cheese wedges and carrots and fish for the creatures to hand out to their trick-or-treaters. It was wonderful. And X number of years later it still is.

Internet, meet the Thistlethornes, the Babblebrooks, and the Sweetwater newlyweds, all decked out for Halloween!

Sylvanian Halloween

Here I am dressed as a flamenco dancer with my nephew-who-lives-in-Japan, and behind us is the very first Sylvanian Family Halloween set-up.

halloween 8 yrs

It hasn’t changed much. Neither have I. (Ha.)

bunny mummy

Rocky Babblebrook has come back from the dead! Eeeeeek!

lady bug

Little Heather Thistlethorne is shy and whispers, “Twick o’ tweeeet!

little devils

Charlie Thistlethorne is a little devil, but Coral Babblebrook is the littlest devil of all!

la bruja

Uh oh! It looks like Willow Thistlethorne turned Morris Sweetwater into a pumpkin! Oh, wait. That’s just his Halloween costume. Fooled me!

And just wait. For Thanksgiving, everyone gets dressed up like Pilgrims and Indians!

All Hallows’ Eve


Me and Adam, Halloween in NYC, 2010

Photo by Christine Lindebak

We were going to go as Jackie and JFK, but I couldn’t find a wig or a pill box hat, so we went as Extras from ‘Mad Men‘ instead. I wish I had a great clear picture of us because our costumes were killer and totally authentic. The white suit I’m wearing was purchased in China in 1962 by my grandfather, as a gift to my mother. Sixties fashion at it’s best.