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The last spring we spent in New York I was enamored with the flowers. Which I suppose is to be expected after spending endless months in a snow-buried city. In May and June I’d walk the length of Jackie Robinson Park, or take the dogs off-leash to roam in Saint Nicholas Park, and I’d take photograph after photograph of all the beautiful flowers. There aren’t any parks in the valley anything like Saint Nicholas or Jackie Robinson, at least not that we’ve found, so we’re making something on our own.

It’s not much, but it’s mine. All mine! (Erm, ours.)

coming along

Mike and I spent Saturday at the garden center and we picked up some prizes, we did! Pansies, daisies, chrysanthemums, a balcony box! This corner of the balcony will be where we put a table and chairs — whenever we acquire a set. We’ll eat dinner here in the evenings, watching the sun set behind the palm trees. We’ll sip our coffee here in the morning, some days I’ll even work out here. I am so happy to have a little bit of outdoor space all to ourselves.

balcony box

This is the first time we’ve had flowering plants since St. Andrews, Hollywood. I couldn’t possibly be happier.


We picked up a seed bell, to see what kind of bird traffic we get. What we really want is a beautiful bird feeder that we can refill regularly, but before we drop fifty bucks on a feeder and seed, we want to make sure there will be takers. It’s been three days and so far nuthin’ but flies. Keep your fingers crossed.


In New York Mike called these weeds. Turns out they’re a chrysanthemum variety, Mike.

english daisies

I have a feeling these English Daisies are going to take over the balcony box.


I can’t remember what these little flowers are, but they sure are pretty. And I’m hoping they will attract hummingbirds. Fingers crossed!

I keep my word

Spring in New York will not ever cease to amaze me.  Each year I’m struck by the insane beauty of the flowers that bloom out of nowhere and the tiny buds that sprout and the lush calls of the birds in the trees.  Laid out at the feet of this steel and concrete metropolis, the saturated colors are all the more breathtaking.

orange lillies

This year I’ve noticed that the flowers have an entire life cycle of their own.  First bloomed the tender daffodils and tulips, then the irises in all their midnight blue, now lillies on stalks as tall as me, or perched on top of pointed green crowns…

pink lillies

Then there are — are these daisies?  I think they’re wild flowers.  Michael says they’re just weeds, in which case I say, grow me a garden of these beautiful weeds!


Inside the apartment we have all sorts of green thumb experiments going on as well, and also our CSA starts up again tomorrow! Expect some very green posts in the near future.  Happy Monday!

And Done And Done

The last few weeks have been amazing.  Amazing as in, Mike gets up every morning at six, wakes me up at six-thirty, he leaves for school and I start work by seven, we get home from work/school around five-thirty or six, fix dinner, eat dinner, wash dishes, do chores, crawl into bed, pass out.  We’re working our asses off and it feels pretty damn good.

This weekend was all about doing the little things on my to-do list, the little things that fall at the very bottom, get buried beneath piles of GET THIS DONE BY 9 A.M. and SHIT I WAS SUPPOSED TO FINISH THAT YESTERDAY.  One of those things was banishing the months-old Valentines Day banner I had up on Frosy-Licious, and writing a better ending post than the last one I wrote, which was a little whiny, let’s be perfectly honest.  The new one is great, you should check it out, it’s called “Last One. No Really” and contains a photo of dogs snuggling.

Anyway, I’ve got a couple of tricks up my sleeves, including some big news that I’m not sure how to tell you yet, but no, I’m not pregnant.

And in case you haven’t seen any flowers today…










Harlem, April 2007

Fleurs de Mai

This morning I was suddenly overcome by the feeling that I’m finally doing what I’ve always wanted to do.  I’m Living.  Breathing.  Working my ass off for something I’m proud of and still finding time to stop and admire the flowers.


Not Van Gogh's Irises, but still.


Like wild strawberries, or burning eye sockets. You pick.


Just before Theo peed on them.


And just in case you needed to be reminded that HOLY SH*T Nature is Beautiful.