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The last 11 weeks

You guys. My period is 107 days late. Do you think it could have something to do with this?


Surprise!!! I’ve known since May 23, 2013, otherwise known as Most Epic Day Of My Life So Far. I just haven’t said anything because, you know, science. Or something. But now I’m 16 weeks along and confident this fetus is going to stick around for the long haul so Mike and I are ready to shout it out to the rooftops, INTERNET GUESS WHAT??? WE’VE SPAWNED!!! (Is that the correct usage of that word? I have no idea.)

16 Weeks (4 Months)
16 Weeks

Niblet, as I’ve affectionately nicknamed the fetus, is due on January 27, 2014 — three days after my birthday. Best birthday gift I’ll ever get ever, I tell you what.

Pregnancy so far has been pretty easy. I know, I want to punch me in the face too. Around 8 weeks I started feeling really nauseous all day every day. I never threw up (thank goodness because I am a total idiot when vomit is involved, I do not handle it well) and while I’m still nauseous all day every day, it’s much much better than it was.

Even before I knew I was knocked up I was exhausted, but convinced I wasn’t pregnant (long story involving a 2 1/2 week late period, and a false negative test, so of course, you know, I was convinced I was going through early menopause or dying of cancer) so drinking LOADS and LOADS of coffee to keep myself going. Of course as soon as I knew about Niblet I gladly gave that up and resorted to naps. Lots and lots of heavenly, wonderful naps and very early bedtimes.

The only other real symptom I’ve had has been the UNCONTROLLABLE INSANE MONSTER LIKE STARVATION. When I’m not nauseous I am STARVING TO DEATH SOMEONE FEED ME A SANDWICH NOW OR THERE WILL BE BLOOD AND IT WON’T BE MINE FEED ME SEYMOUR FEEEEEEEEED MEEEEEEEEE. Lord I’ve never been so hungry in my life. I’m eating a meal every 90 minutes, for reals. For the first 3 1/2 months I joked that I was living the life of a new baby: Sleep, eat, sleep, poop, eat, sleep, poop, eat, sleep, poop, eat, sleep, repeat.

9 Weeks
9 Weeks and feeling awful

Oh, and there’s my boobs. My girls felt like open chest wounds of miserable pain up until about a week ago. Putting on or taking off a bra brought tears and whimpers, no joke. Now they’re just enormous. Mike keeps asking how I manage to stay upright but I can’t answer that question. Magic, maybe?

Lovin my little 12 week fetus.
12 Weeks and Hello Knockers!

Last week The Itching began. I’d heard about The Itching (it begins when your skin starts to stretch out to make room for the growing fetus), but I was not prepared for the Itchiness of The Itching. My lower back, sides, and belly itch like there are a billion microscopic itchy fleas eating me alive. Despite constantly slathering coconut oil all over myself, my skin feels dry, tight, and ITCHY. SO ITCHY.

I hope it doesn’t sound like I’m complaining – I’m not complaining! I am so, so, so happy. I’d take this itching, starving, nauseous, sleepy mess that is my body right now over anything else in the world, just to make that clear. I’m giddy with joy and have been for the past 11 weeks. I feel like the luckiest (itchiest) girl alive.

Here are some pleasant surprises about my pregnancy so far:

1) My skin is literally glowing. I was convinced I’d have the acne I had at 16, but Lord has Spared me that. (Except on my back. Ugh, bacne. No cute backless summer dresses for me.)

2) My confidence level. I was positive I’d be a neurotic mess while pregnant. Worried and obsessing over every little thing. Instead I’m just stupid happy and confident that Niblet is growing strong and healthy.

3) My hormone levels. Sure I have the occasional outburst of hysterical sobbing, but my hormones were about a thousand times worse during PMS than they have been so far in pregnancy. The only thing really different is that the teeensiest thing (sad or happy) makes me well up. But I can usually take a deep breath, blink, and stop the downpour before it begins.

4) (This one wasn’t pleasant but now is? Still totally surprised me.) Up until today, I did NOT like watching my waistline expand. I thought I would love it, but no sir, no thank you. I’ve just felt fat and unattractive for the last 11 weeks, but today I felt pregnant and beautiful and I’m hoping that keeps up. (Hello Vanity. You are a nasty little twat.)

5) Love and romance. I feel closer to and more in love with Mike than ever before. He’s been an absolute champ – coming to every prenatal appointment, rubbing my feet, helping out with chores, listening to me blather on about nursery decor, assuring me I’m beautiful when I feel like a blubber butt, scratchin’ my itches, and lovin’ on the fetus every day. I really am the luckiest girl alive.

I’ve got a Flickr set of belly photos for those of you who are so inclined. (Once you’re in there, click on the photos for captions.) I’m so happy to finally be able to share this news with you and I so appreciate your reading.

13 Weeks
Ultrasound at 13 Weeks and healthy as can be.

(PS. How badly to you want to eat that little face?)