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A Dog and Her Bone

Here’s Valentine, guarding a horse vertebrae we found while camping in Utah this summer, during our cross-country drive.


That’s what it looks to actively wish you had hands, thumbs,
and the ability to walk upright on two legs

I put it on the floor while I was dusting so I wouldn’t forget to vacuum it out (it was stuffed with dead leaves from it’s tenure in the campground) and Valentine decided it was hers. She tried to carry it into her crate, only it was too big for her mouth. She’d pick it up, then drop it, then pick it up, then drop it, then try to pick it up again, only to drop it once more. (Apparently, Chihuahua/Terrier mutts aren’t designed to eat horses.) Finally she gave up and decided instead to sit and guard it. When I finally took it away from her she growled low in her throat, then ran off with her tail between her legs. It’s so cute when she tries to be ferocious.