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This is a personal online journal. Opinions expressed by me on this site are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the opinions and positions of my employer/friends/family/spouse. In fact, most of the material on this site my spouse finds mildly embarrassing or uncomfortable. I am frequently accused of “exaggerating”, however, I argue that I’m not exaggerating, I’m embellishing for the sake of artistry. Also, I sometimes use bad words. And once in a while I post photos of my dogs humping. (Note to the animal activists: Don’t worry, they’re both fixed.)

It is my goal to write a website that is entertaining, interesting, informational, and personal. I pledge to always do my best to take other people’s feelings into consideration and to refrain from writing material that is blatantly inconsiderate, mean-spirited, filthy, or otherwise unsavory.

In the event that you feel something on this website is blatantly inconsiderate, mean-spirited, filthy, or otherwise unsavory, please email me at aseriousgirl[at]gmail[dot]com, so I can apologize. You can also use that email address if you want to send me love notes. I won’t mind.

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  • Ian

    Only a Law student would put a disclaimer on their ‘blog…

    I suspect that the Mutt-Rights Brigade would prefer your animals were still ‘intact’, as you have abrogated their right to careless parenthood…

    • Ha! You’re probably right about the Mutt-Rights Brigade. Oh well. 🙂