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A Very Babywearing Halloween

As you can imagine, this Halloween was kind of a biggie, what with it being Eva’s first outside my body and all. Do you remember last year, when I was a beer guzzling tattooed man and she was my beer belly?

maternity halloween costume

Us, Halloween 2013

This year I was pretty excited to do a joint-costume thing again and I had about a million ideas: I could be Cleopatra and she could be my asp; I could be a cat burglar and she could be my stolen jewels; I could be Miss Piggy to her little Kermy, she could be Sonny and I could be Cher… the possibilities were endless.

But as awesome as those ideas were (and they are awesome, come on, admit it) I quickly realized that they were hugely impractical. Since she’s still so small and I wear her everywhere (and would definitely wear her while trick-or-treating) I needed to come up with a creative, joint costume that would make sense if she were strapped to my body. Between me and Mike, we came up with five fun baby-wearing costume ideas that I’m sharing here for any families who might want to DIY a babywearing costume next year. Behold:

5 Awesome  DIY Babywearing Halloween Costumes

A Kangaroo and Her Joey 

This was Mike’s idea and he was kind of crushed that I didn’t use it. Alyson Hannigan did it very well in 2009, but here’s a cute DIY version that would be easy to pull off:

DIY Kangaroo Costume

The article for this cute costume is here

A Crazy Cat Lady and Her #1 Cat

This was my favorite, but I think probably the hardest to pull off. Basically, it’s a riff on this adorable costume:

crazy cat lady costume

 Image found here

The difference is that Mama is the cat lady and baby is dressed as her kitty. (Photos of babies in kitty costumes, anyone ?)

Jane Goodall and Her Chimp

jane goodall chimp

This would be unbelievably easy. Mama wears a collared, button up shirt, khaki pants, hiking boots, and a messy ponytail (or a gray wig, perhaps?). Baby wears a monkey costume. Wham, Bam, Thank you Ma’am.

Annie Oakley and Her Trusted Steed


babywearing halloween costume pony and cowgirl

Eva and me at a Halloween Party the week before Halloween

This was easy, fun and we DIY’d it for less than forty bucks. (We already had the tiny cowgirl boots, the jeans, the ergo, and we borrowed the bandanna from my mom. If you had to buy those things, this costume would be more expensive.) I used this tutorial for the hoodie-turned-horsey (minus the unicorn horn) and this image as my inspiration for the horse mask. (Thank you Pinterest!)

***And for the Babywearing Papas***

That Scene from Alien


Mike and Eva, Halloween 2014

(Thanks for the photobomb, Valentine.)

At 11 p.m. on October 30th, Mike found out that he could bring Eva to the Microbiology Student Association Halloween party the next day. Using a shirt he owned, our Moby wrap, and some scraps of felt from my craft box, he put together this “Alien” chestburster costume. And you guys, they won first place in the costume contest!

So there you have it. Five awesome DIY babywearing Halloween costumes. Now go forth and DIY your babywearing costumes!

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