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Eva 2 months old

I remember…

…settling into the sofa, knowing I wouldn’t get up again for the next eight hours at least. Mike leaving for class or work, my chest tightening, deep breath, we’ll be okay. Stockpiling the end table with liters of water, pistachios, roasted almonds, dried cranberries, dates, dried apricots and dried cherries, a cup of coffee hot and creamy, an extra pair of breast shields, a nail file to file down sharp newborn nails, my phone, and all the TV remotes. Comfy clothes and lots of pillows and just me and Eva for hours and hours while she nursed, napped, nursed, napped, nursed throughout the day. I would tuck her, naked except her diaper, inside my loose shirt to keep her skin-to-skin. Leaving the sofa only to change her diaper or use the bathroom. Michelle or my mother would come around lunch time to fix me a sandwich and hold her while I ate. If they had a little extra time I’d hop in the shower while they cuddled her. I watched two seasons of “Call the Midwife” and season 6 of “Mad Men” this way…

…how terrified I was of dropping her, or of someone else dropping her…

…touching my face in the shower, my still half-paralyzed face, a face I’d spent years analyzing for flaws, hating and picking and feeling ashamed of. Touching this face with my fingers and feeling not my face, but my daughter’s face instead, and suddenly being overwhelmed with self-love, something I had not ever experienced in my entire life. Touching my belly, still big and round, now soft and squishy. Loving this big soft belly that housed my daughter, wanting to show it off and proclaim to anyone who would listen: THIS belly made this baby! This belly was her home! This gorgeous, big, round, squishy belly! How Eva kneaded my belly with her toes and how I was so happy and glad that my body was soft and big like a pillow for her tiny body to curl into…

…how proud and delighted I was when, at her three-day check-up, I learned she had gained six ounces since her birth, instead of losing weight like most babies do. My milk was making her nice and fat and I was amazed and thrilled when the doctor told me how she was thriving…

…the dark downy fur across the backs of her shoulders and her lower back, down into her bottom. My little monkey baby…

…how her fingers reminded me of an old lady’s fingers, how they were somehow familiar, like I’d seen those old lady fingers before, on my Aunt Sue maybe?…

…how she snuggled her face into my bosom after nursing, as if it was the world’s most comfortable, coziest pillow…

Mama, Papa, Baby and dogs

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  • Jos

    Love this. <3

    Also, I am IN LOVE with Call the Midwife. Such an awesome show!

    • Thank you! xo

      Also, omg me too. Dying to start Season 3!

  • I love these posts. They really capture what it’s been like (I think) and it sounds so lovely. Exhausting, but lovely.

    • MARTIN


    • Thank you Kim! Mostly lovely. 🙂

    • Md Kaisar ali

      Its a great moment..

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    • rpal786

      I LoVE YOU

  • Dawn Marie Daley

    My niece was a monkey baby! She had furry ears!

    • Omg, Eva did too! I forgot until you mentioned it! Fine, silky black fur all over her little ears…

      • Trina Marguerite

        So was Christopher, fine, silky, dark fur, on his ears, on the back of his shoulders, on his little chins, so glorious, and then slowly it just disappeared….

        • I love little monkey babies. I was thinking about this earlier today. I never even noticed it disappearing. One day it was there, and then the next it was gone. Sigh…

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  • midou

    i need to changed the place with your baby

  • Trina Marguerite

    Beautiful thoughts, memories, moments, and all quite perfect!