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Best Spam Ever

Too bad there was no photo attached. I’d love to see a cheerful, kind, and fluffy woman who does not love slush:

You have drawn my attention to a site of acquaintances. I hope, as I shall like you. How I to you in a photo? The truth – pretty? 🙂 But in a life I more nice!!!
And as I cheerful, kind, sociable and fluffy! I like to go in for sports, read books, to listen to music. I love winter and summer. I do not love spring and slush.
If I have interested you, with pleasure I shall tell about myself more in the following letter.
I wait for the answer on

I double-dog dare you to send an email to the address she provided….

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  • I received this email to my work email today, too. I almost never receive spam at work, which made it even more special. I have long dreamed of meeting a fluffy girl (or maybe the author is male) who lives in a land where slush is a season. I’m pretty sure that this person is my soul mate. 

    • 😀 Mine too!! LOLZ

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  • That is fantastic. FAN. TASTIC.

    • I thought you would appreciate that. Xo

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  • Steve

    You are such a hoot! So glad to see you blogging again.

  • Deb

    Ha!!! 🙂

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