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Color of the Week

Come to Bed Red, by Butter London

Polish and skull decals were one of my Christmas gifts from Mike.  ; )

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  • Kim’s Kitchen Sink

    Very nice! 

    Side note: Do you find it totally weird to take pictures of your nails? I always feel like my hands look so huge and weird and old and weird when I do it…yours don’t (they look beautiful and young) so I wonder if everyone thinks that about their own hands, or if it’s just me ;)

    • Patricia Frost

      I do feel that way if the angle is bad. It’s all about the angle. xo

      (Please excuse typos. This message was sent via robots from outerspace.)

      • Kim’s Kitchen Sink

        Perhaps I need to improve my hand-modeling-photography skills.

  • James Gilbert

    Wow amazing!You have done such inspiring atr work on nails here..superb!!!