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Color of the Week


Bottle says, “Outrageous Orange.”  I call it, “Tomato Soup”

I’m obsessed with buying $0.99 nail polish and changing my nail color every couple of days. I’m like a crazy person about it. Manicures never last more than a day or two on my fingers, what with all the dish-washing and typing I do, so I have to reapply my polish every few days anyway. Or else try and stretch the manicure by reapplying the same color to the tips of my nails every evening. Either way, I probably spend far too much time painting my nails. But it’s one of my little pleasures and I love it, so, whatever. Oooh! You wanna see my manicure cabinet? Check it:

That’s a LOT of nail polish for one woman, yes? Yes.

What’s your little obsession? That crazy little thing you do that makes you so super happy? Come on… there’s got to be something. TELL ME WHAT IT IS.


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  • I love your manicure cabinet. I recently went through my manicure box and got rid of a bunch of old gloppy polish. My little obsession…hm…small organization projects? Like when I organized our games/puzzles shelf the other night?

  • Dawn

    I’m catching up on here so disregard all the random replies to postings months old. 

    Currently my obsession is reading.  I haven’t enjoyed reading since Babysitter’s Club Books and Archie comics.  It started last summer and has almost become an obsession.  My Goodreads account has like 100 books on my “to-read” list.  I love it.  Most (and by most I mean all) are not world changing or intellectual reads either; it’s all about heroins, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, zombies, etc. for me!  Oh an during Christmas I downloaded an app that lets me read library ebooks, so now I read even more and faster since I don’t have to drive to the library to check them out!  I’m already happy just thinking about it!

    • Oooh reading… how I miss reading. One of the best things about living in NYC was all the reading I did on the subway. Somehow I never find time to read anymore. (I should probably cut down on my tv watching…)

  • Joyce Medeiros

    Hi! enjoyed their photos! Could you tell me which program uses to edit them? thank you! 🙂