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Earlier in the week I promised you Michael’s squash recipe — the very recipe that had everyone at Thanksgiving dinner oohing and ahhing simultaneously for a solid minute. I don’t hold out, kids. This recipe is super easy and will be a hit at all your holiday potlucks. You can thank me later.

Mike’s Squatch

What you’ll need:
Butternut squash
assorted dried berries
assorted nuts
maple syrup (the real stuff)
lots of butter
graham crackers


You want to start with a nice big butternut squash. Like, maybe the size of a small chihuahua. Skin it, then cube it. (Careful not to cut your fingers off. Cutting squash is hard.)

skin and cube

Steam the cubed squash for a while. We didn’t time it, we just checked it every few minutes and when it was soft enough, we took it off the steam.

steaming squash

You’ll know it’s done because the color will deepen and it will be soft enough to stick a fork through. Transfer the cubes to a mixing bowl and add a quarter cup or so of pure maple syrup. Toss it all together and then start mashing. Or, if you prefer, squashing.*

*har har

steamed cubed squash

Take a break from all that squashing to sort and chop your nuts and berries.

nuts and berries

You could really use any dried berries or nuts you feel like. We’re Costco junkies so we buy the Kirkland  Wholesome Fruit & Nuts mix. It’s got dried cherries, cranberries, walnuts, pistachios, and almonds. We had some leftover figs and currants which Mike chopped up and threw in as well. But I’m getting ahead of myself! Keep your nuts and berries separate. The nuts go into the crust and the berries go into the squash. So chop up your berries, add them to the squash and mash them all together.

mash it all together

When it’s thoroughly mixed together, squash it all down into a baking dish or lasagna pan.

mash it pretty

Put your chopped nuts into a little mixing bowl with a stack of crushed graham crackers and cut in at least half a stick of butter.

his hands while he cooks

You’re basically making a simplified version of that crumbly awesome crust that goes on the top of some apple pies. Nuts and graham crackers smashed together with a stick of butter. Makes my mouth melt just thinking about it.

ready for the oven

Spread the crust over the top of the squash and you are done. It needs ten to fifteen minutes in the oven at 375*. You’ll know it’s ready to eat when the top is browned and gorgeous.browned and gorgeous

We’re totally making this again for Christmas.

What’s a recipe you love to make this time of year? I shared with you, now it’s your turn.

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  • Tara

    It was NOMS!

    • So I guess you won’t mind if we do indeed make it for Christmas?

  • YUM.  My “comes out at the holidays and stays until spring” recipe is Cranberry Pear Crumble.  It’s on my blog, and also on BlogHer, because I like to share with the internet too.  🙂