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close up on cables

In Bolivia, the electricity runs at 220 volts at 30 amps, giving you four times more current than the U.S. household current. It’s the same current you would get in a giant appliance; the funny plugs here are the regular plugs in Bolivia. It’s an absolutely lethal current. If you touched one of their electrical wires, you wouldn’t get a shock from it. It would kill you. Fry you up like a french fried potato. Which is why it’s so amazing how cavalier they are with their wiring. The risk of fire alone is insane. But it’s as if it doesn’t even cross people’s minds. They don’t even notice. We were on this double-decker tourist bus our last day in Bolivia and I was ducking every few minutes because I was certain one of those electric cables was going to smack me in the face. Not only would I have been electrocuted, but the whole bus probably would have exploded.

cables cut the sky

criss-crossed cables

Mike wants me to point out that many of the junctions were just knots – everything was wired together the way you’d twist speaker wire together. And lots of the cables weren’t even insulated. The city was draped in naked, lethal cables, left swinging in the breeze.

electric drapery

I love how on this building, they’ve used the electric cables as an accent on the facade. Don’t touch the black draped wires. You’ll die!



sundrenched and electric

the corner near mama coca

I thought they were beautiful. Like a rattlesnake, up close and personal. Dangerous, frightening, electrifying. (Har, har.)

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  • ‘Cita

    They ARE beautiful – there’s art in there somewhere…

    • Yes! I agree.

      Which gives me a good idea – maybe I should frame some of my Bolivia photos for the office? I have those empty frames on the walls…

  • Grendl

    I’m sure some of those wires are less-lethal communication lines. Still a possible conduit of death, but not of the french-fried variety.

  • It’s just shocking!

  • That is terrifying, especially the last photo.  Yikes!