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The Spirit Catches You

Yeeeeeeeears ago, and I mean yeeeeears ago, Mike and I read a book called “The Spirit Catches You And You Fall Down” about a Hmong child living with her family in Southern California and her heartbreaking struggle with epilepsy. In the Hmong culture, people with epilepsy are thought of as blessed – the spirit catches you and you fall down – that is how they explain a seizure. But in this book, the little blessed girl is caught by a bad spirit that snatches her soul and carries it far, far away. Her family, for the remainder of her life, takes exquisite care of her. Her body is treated like a treasure of invaluable wealth. They hold ceremonies routinely, calling to her soul with song and sacrificed pigs, pleading that it come home. But her soul will never come home. The bad spirit that snatched her soul was a grand mal seizure and it left her permanently comatose.

According to the World Health Organization, epilepsy is the most common, serious brain disorder. Seizures steal moments and memories, change lives, impact development, affect learning, and sometimes result in death. There is no cure.

I’ve been invited to run a 5k to End Epilepsy. Of course this means I now must reach out to all of you for your support. My goal is to raise $100 – it’s not much, I know, but one time I tried to raise $2000 for breast cancer and even though I raised just over $1000 the foundation wouldn’t let me participate in the walk and I was crushed. So I’m keeping it real. If I can raise at least $100 I’ll be thrilled. If I raise more than that I will die of happiness. Your monetary support will fund care, advocacy, research, education, and hope. Click HERE to make a donation. If you have any trouble when you click over, let me know.

I thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

And now for your daily wiener.


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