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Hello Foxy

hello foxy

Remember this guy? I like this photo because he looks just like a little dog. A little dog who is missing most of his face and has plastic eyeballs and is awfully dried out.

I cannot believe it’s already Friday. This week went by very fast. I had so many plans for all the wonderful posts I was going to write about Bolivia and all the little things we’ve done around the house, there were going to be pictures and everything, but now it’s very late on Thursday night and I’m trying to get something up for tomorrow and it’s not much but dag nabit if I don’t get back into the habit of posting every day I’ll go crazy. I really will. I need blogging like a pregnant lady needs ice cream and pickles.

And I’ll leave it at that. Until next time.

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  • I eat way too much pickles and ice cream for someone who does not have a baby in there.

    • Gah! So funny. I secretly love pickles and ice cream too.

      Wait. You’re talking about eating them at the same time, right? Like, together? No?

  • Scarlett

    This is old I see, but I’m curious.. What is that???