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Cementerio del Distrito

Cementario District

This is where we believed we’d be catching a bus to Charazani later in the week. (We found out later that wasn’t the case at all.)


We were told these stacked graves are rented for a maximum of ten years. When the time is up, the bodies are moved elsewhere and the grave is purchased by another family, for a different beloved, for ten years more.


Graves are tended by living loved ones who keep the key that will unlock the glass door to the graves memorial. Inside the memorial you leave tokens of love, fresh flowers, glasses of liquor, photographs, gifts, and letters.


If you have money, you may line the memorial with granite, using intricate carving or gold letters to display your beloved’s name, title, date of birth, and date of death.

dried flowers

But if you don’t have money, you’ll make use of what you have, scratching your words of love in wet cement, and leaving the tomb memorial open to the breeze and the birds.


L.A. to Mexico City to Tapachula…

…to Lima to Santa Cruz to La Paz

La Paz = Love

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  • Tara

    Beautiful post!

  • Not sure I can wrap my head around a ‘rent a grave’ system… love the pics though. Did you see the two cats my neighbor got?