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Chase Thompson

Do you remember when I was shot that zombie movie in 2009? Turns out it won all kinds of awards on the festival circuit, and you guys, I watched it right before we left for Bolivia and it is fantastic. It was my last acting gig and I’m glad it was because it was a wonderful experience. To finally see it, see the gem that came out of everyone’s hard work and talent, it turns me all gushy inside. It’s more than just a zombie movie. It’s a movie about hope, artistry, faith,¬†perseverance, and hard work. And zombies.

So click¬†HERE and watch it! It’s 12 1/2 minutes and you’ll get to see me fight zombies. You will be knocked over by the awesomeness. Zombies!

Chase Thompson, a film by Chase Thompson (2010) from Valiant Pictures on Vimeo.