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llama skull

I found this beauty right on the side of the trail on our last day of trekking. It was one of a pile of bones I picked up along the way, but it is by far the most beautiful. I didn’t think I’d get my treasures through U.S. customs, so I tried to mail them, but the post office refused me. Then I tried to FedEx them, but FedEx said it was impossible. So I narrowed down my collection to two¬†vertebrae¬†and two skulls, wrapped them in clothes, and U.S. customs didn’t give me any trouble at all. It’s a good thing too, because if I’d been asked to give them up, there would have been tears.

Here’s the original collection:


The beach glass and the little smooth rock come from Lake Titicaca. The picture doesn’t show it, but the smooth rock is actually a beautiful shade of turquoise. I’m sorry now that I didn’t try to smuggle in all of my treasures, but I feel good about having left them as an offering at Tiwanaku. More on that later.