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Mount Wilson

We went for a day hike. All I knew was that we were hiking Mount Wilson, it was about a six-mile hike*, and we’d be home by 4:15 p.m.

We hiked from 7:45 a.m. to 5:22 p.m. We covered fourteen miles in just under ten hours, and gained almost 4,700 feet in elevation. Dave carried forty-seven pounds, Mike was somewhere around thirty-five, and I had about twenty-five pounds on my back.

It was beautiful. It was fun, but not in a day-at-Disneyland sort of way. The weather was cool and misty, the scenery was gorgeous, and the conversation flowed. We stopped often to take our boots off and let our feet breathe, have a snack, talk to other hikers. The last couple of miles hurt hurt hurt hurt, but when we finally got to the car I was grinning. I was filled with a fantastic sense of accomplishment. I mean, Holy Judas**, I hiked fourteen miles in ten hours and gained almost 4,700 feet in elevation. I AM A MOTHER F***NG BAD A**. I wanted to pump my fists in the air and shout Boo Yah! but I had only the strength to grit my teeth and take another step forward. A stiff-legged, painful, tiny, triumphant step forward.

I totally get why people do this.

trusty companions

My trusty companions

rock-eating tree

This is a rock-eating tree. Or that’s what Dave called it. I can’t tell whether the tree is growing out of the granite, ย or the granite is pushing through the roots of the tree, but it is gorgeous. Here is a close-up:

creature face

What is going on?? Nature is amazing. Also, look closely. Do you see a little friendly monster in there? (Hint: He’s the tree part of the photo.)

red bark

This tree had the smoothest, loveliest red bark. All three of us had to stop and gawk at it.

misty mountains

My trusty companions in the Misty Mountains


I’ll give you a quarter if you can tell me what flower this is. And by “quarter” I mean “invisible pretend quarter”.

me n my pack

Somewhere between ten and thirteen miles into the day. I look happy, no? Sweaty, sore, and happy.

* 6.8 miles ONE WAY.
**Is it a sin to take Judas’ name in vain? What about Beelzebub? Can I say Beelzebub in vain?

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