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Little F***ers

something aint right

Somethin ain’t right

Look closely. Does anything seem out of order to you? I mean, besides the giant backpacks and the briefcase on the sofa. And all the crap all over the coffee table. And the giant square pillow in the foreground. Do you see the three little balls of sh*t in the middle of the floor? That would be the dogs’ fault.

Or really, it is my fault, because I had the audacity to spend a few minutes picking out my outfit for tomorrow, in my bedroom, with the door closed, when I should have been feeding the little dogs. It was, after all, two entire minutes past their scheduled dinnertime.

It is also Mike’s and my combined fault because we’ve been meaning to rearrange the litter box area so the box is up high enough that the dogs can’t get into it and we haven’t done it yet. Because, you know, life. It’s busy.

Not to mention I should have scooped the litter box as soon as I got home. I knew it needed it and I didn’t do it because I just wanted to relax for a minute. In retrospect, I should have just cleaned the box and then relaxed, because it is amazing how cleaning up half-eaten cat sh*t completely depletes any recently acquired feelings of relaxation.

All of the dog-training books say not to let your dog watch you clean up their mess because it sends the message that you like the mess. I have read this a million times. It must also apply to a cat’s mess. I do not bother to take five seconds to crate the dogs before I clean the cat box because it’s too much trouble. Instead I let them watch me do it. Thus, sending the message that I think it’s super awesome to play with poop. And, in their little dog brains, I must be eating the poop, because why else would I be playing with it?

They sit there, little ears perked up, little tails thumping while I scoop the box, and I willingly teach them to play with the poop. It really is entirely my fault. But it makes me think. They spend a whole lot of time watching me in the kitchen. I wonder if they had longer limbs, would they try to mess around in the kitchen, too? Would it result in a cooked meal? Or a washed dish?

I mean, this could be really amazing. What if I got them a little, tiny, working vacuum cleaner. Something they could operate with their forepaws or push around with their noses. Do you think they’d start vacuuming on a regular basis?

shit eater

Hey little sh*t-eater. You need to start pulling your weight around here.

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  • Oh god, I know that this is not a post full of joy, but it made me laugh. Schaudenfreude? Maybe. But you are also a funny lady, and you made this miserable poo situation funny. Pretty poo eater?

  • LOL, I agree with Kim – this entire post made me laugh. 🙂 

  • Tara

    Me too – I’m laughin.’

  • Believe it or not, I was laughing while I wrote it. 

  • Our dogs don’t see us clean the cat box, but it has never stopped them from trying to eat the poop if they get the chance.

    On a side note, my mom got this cat box recently

    You could easily make this from a plastic bin, but my mom would rather spend money than let me make it.  But, it has worked wonders!  The dogs can’t get to the poop!

    • Hm. I can’t open the link for some reason. Do you know what the box’s name is so I can google it? 🙂

      Mike’s plan is to put a shelf in the closet that is big enough and high enough that a) the dogs can’t get up to it and b) the cats can easily jump to the shelf, with space outside the box to walk around. The closet is deep enough, it’s just a matter of taking the time to cut a piece of wood and put it in right.