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Those Horrible Grasshoppers

These horrible-yet-beautiful grasshoppers are eating everything in my mother-in-law’s garden, including her vegetables. Some of them are as big as your hand, I am not kidding.


hungry hoppers



P.S. I’m trying to get to know my little Olympus better, to see if perhaps I don’t need to spring on a new camera for Bolivia. At first I decided to buy and bring an SLR, but the weight of it might kill me. Also, it will basically cry out “Hello! I am expensive! Please steal me!” Then I thought I might buy a new point and shoot, but why would I buy a point and shoot when what I want is an SLR?  So now I’m thinking I might just stick with my Olympus, that way if it gets stolen or if I lose it or drop it off the top of a mountain, I’ll be losing a camera I’ve had for six years instead of something I purchased six weeks before. But I don’t know. What would you do?

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  • yikes – those grasshoppers are kind of terrifying! I would just use my camera that I already had, as long as it didn’t have a bunch of problems. Will bought a new camera for his trip because his was super old and heavy (even for a point and shoot). He just bought a new point and shoot, but it was lightweight and all that.

    I would just use your old camera, as long as it takes good pictures and can take them in a high enough resolution so that you could blow it up if you wanted to like, make it an 8×10 and frame it or something. That would be my only concern.

    • Yes – I am thinking you are right on the money there. I am not happy with the way my camera takes pictures indoors with a flash, but outdoors in bright light it does pretty well. Good enough for Bolivia? I have a feeling that NO camera will accurately capture the beauty we see in Bolivia!

  • Split the difference and get a good ultra-zoom Point and Shoot camera. One of the reasons I haven’t gone to an DSLR is the cost of lenses. To equal the zoom of my 10x zoom Kodak in an SLR lens would cost more than my whole camera did new!

    You gotta admit my 5 year old Kodak Z-650 takes a darn good photo 🙂 (updated blog with a new photo last night)

  • Tara

    These are wonderful photos! I’d stick w/ the camera you know.