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Live Things

I’m always surprised when people are horrified by my love of dead things. Whenever someone comes over and I give them the tour of our apartment, the icing on the cake is always the mummified mice at St. Peter’s Gate  displayed in our bedroom. When I look at those mice, I see beauty. Their perfect little forms, tiny paws curled to silken whiskers, tails twisted and springing in mid-air, they are exquisite. Tiny sculptures formed by Mother Nature Herself. Which is why, even though it happens over and over, I am always surprised when my guest’s inevitable reaction is, “Ew. That is really gross. Are you okay?”

This is where I would like to assure everyone that I am not, in fact, some sort of psychopath. Honestly. I’m not interested in blood and gore. Photos of animals ripped up by cars make me cry. Animal cruelty is intolerable. I’m interested in the process of how our bodies go back to the earth. I’m interested in mummies. I’m interested in bones. And I’m not just interested in dead things. I’m also interested live things.

The following is a whole slew of pictures I snapped one afternoon while watching the birds at our feeder. (It is also an example of why I need an SLR.*)


The blur in the background, between the lantern and the bird feeder, is Atticus in flight.




How many birds can you see in this picture?**


Are you guys tired of bird pictures yet? Good! Because there are only 18 more to go. Just kidding. (Or am I?)


Look at them! I want to scoop them up and smother them in kisses! There’s four! And they’re all alive!

The joy that stupid bird feeder brings me is totally worth the fact that every surface of our balcony is covered with bird poop. It’s totally worth it. Totally worth it.

(At least dead things don’t poop.)

*I finally decided, by the way. I’m going to buy an SLR, but I’m not going to take it to Bolivia. I know it would take insane pictures, but I do not want that sh*t around my neck while I’m hiking. Do. Not. Want. It. More on that later.

**there are four! (One of them is not real.)

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  • Tara

    I see Five!  (Including the one made of iron.) 

    • Yesterday afternoon there were four on the feeder, three on nearby lanterns, two on the chandelier, one on the railing, one on the table, three on floor… it was amazing. Michael and I sat on the sofa watching them and it was probably the best part of our entire day. They remind me of Aunt Sue’s fairies. 

  • You have me totally jonesing for a bird feeder! And I have that same silver lantern with the star cutouts and etched glass (from IKEA).  🙂

    • Ha! You, me, and half the world have those same lanterns. 🙂

      Yes!!! Get a bird feeder! So much wonderfulness.

      • Truth.

      • I have/had (may have sold them in a garage sale/put them in storage) four of them in an olivey green

        • You might have FOUR??? I so hope you still have one! I would so buy it.

        • Wait. Are you talking about bird feeders now? I’m still thinking about owl pellets.

          • Lanterns actually. Next time I go to storage I’ll see if I have them still.

            • You’re the best. Please don’t worry about it – I don’t want to put you out! (And anyway, I thought you were talking about owl poops.) 😀