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Those Horrible Grasshoppers

These horrible-yet-beautiful grasshoppers are eating everything in my mother-in-law’s garden, including her vegetables. Some of them are as big as your hand, I am not kidding.


hungry hoppers



P.S. I’m trying to get to know my little Olympus better, to see if perhaps I don’t need to spring on a new camera for Bolivia. At first I decided to buy and bring an SLR, but the weight of it might kill me. Also, it will basically cry out “Hello! I am expensive! Please steal me!” Then I thought I might buy a new point and shoot, but why would I buy a point and shoot when what I want is an SLR?  So now I’m thinking I might just stick with my Olympus, that way if it gets stolen or if I lose it or drop it off the top of a mountain, I’ll be losing a camera I’ve had for six years instead of something I purchased six weeks before. But I don’t know. What would you do?