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I have man-hands

There is a crack in the bathtub of our second bathroom. The bathtub that rarely ever gets used, except to bathe the dogs and when we have the occasional overnight guest. Which is almost never. But do you know what happened when I told the landlord? Not only did she schedule someone to come and fix it within the week, but she also told the bathtub-fixer-man to go ahead and refinish the entire inside of the tub, including the shower walls and everything. Just because.

If we’d gotten a crack in our bathtub in New York City (our one and only bathtub that between us was used every day at least two times, four in the summer), the super would have stuck a wad of chewing gum in it and called it fixed.


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  • Generalisima

    Yo. El Lay is s’riously The Place.

  • Generalisima

    Yo. El Lay is s’riously The Place.

  • What an awesome landlord!!!! That is awesome!!! Awesome!!

  • What an awesome landlord!!!! That is awesome!!! Awesome!!

  • Tony

    What an amazing lady, rare landlords are so hard to come by in the UK – which is why i’ve just setup this site after listening to a lot of my friends in London chatting about their landlords, good bad and ugly. 


    What do you think? Would you put up a recommendation for your landlord on there?

    I thought it would be really cool to have somewhere that potential tenants and flat mates could go and find out what ex tenants/flatmates thought about living in a flat. Its like the reverse of the renting references. It gives happy tenants a chance to recommend an old landlord and unhappy ones a chance to warn!

    They can easily see how the landlord behaved, what the area was like, if there any problems with flat mates etc. And most importantly to the landlord flatmates, if they would be recommended. All the kinds of information that is usually hidden from renters until they have committed to a contract!