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Tiny Mummy

Hawk sent me this picture last week, and then I asked him if he’d mail me the remains. Because THAT is how much I love dead things.


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  • Hawk

    And Hawk’s such a nice guy that the mummy above (not much bigger than two dimes) is going out in tomorrow’s mail 🙂

  • Just1n1an

    Ive got a mummified panther chameleon, i was looking if there were anywhere to sell it, i did a search on yahoo and it led nowhere, i did a seach on google and it led me directly to this page. if you wouldnt be interested in buying one off of me would you know where i could find someone interested? i cant imagine many people being into this sort of stuff but i do know the ones who are, are all about it.

    • I would love to get my hands on your mummy, however, I do not believe in purchasing my dead things. When one begins buying dead animals, one creates a market for dead animals. When there is a market for dead animals, the animals start dying so someone can make a profit on their bodies. I cannot support or be a part of that. I don’t mean to suggest that you acquired your mummy by unsavory means – please don’t take offense! For all I know the chameleon died of natural causes (I hope that is the case). While I love my collection of dead animals, I do not love them enough to buy them. Each of mine was found, having died naturally, and in displaying them, I aim to memorialize them. I hope you understand. 🙂 Good luck finding a forever home for your dried little friend.

      • Just1n1an

        LoL i did another search on google for mummified reptiles and it took me right back to your page 😛 yeah, spuzmahker was one of my favorite chams and one of the longest lived. he made lots of babies too. heres a picture of him when he was alive (R.I.P)

        speaking of rip, i had a strange dream recently where i found 20 or so chameleons in my basement (i havent had any in a few years, before that i bred them) and in a panic i set up the cages, tho there were more chameleons than cages. so i had to double and triple them up in some cases and got them all furnished with plants and vines, then something struck me as wrong about them once i started watering them (using a misting system) i realized they were all dead…..but animated. so idk if my basment is haunted with lizards. so i was thinking of just burying the remains i have

  • Smalm

    I have a dead newt which naturally preserved very well and my snake just died so I put him (Spark) in a thing of salt to start out the drying process. Going to put it on display just like my pretty mummified newt on my bookshelf 🙂 Just a note both my animals died of natural causes, no cruelty was put forth to cause their death or a lifetime full of sadness for them.