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the sanctuary

The most finished room in the apartment. (Remaining boxes and piles not pictured.)

also the sanctuary

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  • Sometimes you have to leave a few things “not pictured.” It looks lovely in there. Burning question: What do you do with all the pillows when it’s time to go to sleep? Do you pile them on a chair? On the dresser? On the floor? This is something I’ve always wondered about throw-pillows-on-beds.

    • Right now I stack them neatly on the floor between my dressers. I’m hoping to score a really nice, comfy reading chair for the bedroom and if I do, I will stack the pillows neatly on that. My mom used to have a beautiful antique sleigh bed at the foot of her bed and that’s where she stacked her throw pillows at night. Now she has a bench at the foot of her bed and she puts the pillows there. I’m glad you think it looks nice! I think it’s very peaceful. Especially since we enacted a “NO ANIMALS IN THE BEDROOM” rule. Now I can count on our room being the one place where I will never ever have to clean up vomit, urine, or butt-smear. I can’t tell you how luxurious that feels.

      • Oh, that is just rad. Love that rule, and what it means for you. Even if
        there was some nasty pet situation going on in the living room, in theory
        (if you can train your brain), you could just say “screw it!” and go to bed
        in your nice, clean bedroom.

        PS – speaking of pet stuff, did you ever try that pet cleaner spray stuff?
        My friend Gabe did, and he blogged about it…it sounds like a miracle.

        • I did – and it is a miracle. It works better than any pet stain remover I have ever used ever. I have photos of my experiences with it and will post my review soon. 😉