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Continuing Efforts Continued

The family room is my room to decorate. This is what I’ve got so far:

books and bones

What you’re looking at is the most finished sliver of our family room. So much shelf space! And no idea what to do with it. But still, it’s a HUGE improvement from this disaster.

living room

Aaaaand this is what the rest of the family room looks like. Better than this, but still kind of depressing. We haven’t figured out where we’re going to keep my bicycle, so for now it leans against our mattress-less futon frame that is in two pieces because we misplaced the screws that hold the whole thing together. Moving is awesome. Our friend Kevin came over the other night and the first words out of his mouth were, “Your couch looks really uncomfortable.” I had to laugh at that, and laugh hard. It felt good.

I’m actually really excited about this room. I want it to be the sort of room where you want to curl up and read a book. I placed the futon kitty-corner so that when we sit on it (after we buy a mattress for it) we will be facing the fireplace. I plan to put a table behind it and load it with lush green plants. Then I’m going to put shelves up, I’m thinking two three-foot shelves on each wall behind the futon, piled with books and mummified creatures. I decided on a beige futon with lots of beautiful, richly colored throw pillows. Beige because it won’t show Valentine’s hair and so the pillows will really stand out. I want a great vase for the middle of the coffe table – something that looks like it’s right out of theĀ forties, or really is right out of theĀ forties. And I want to always keep fresh flowers in it.

Where that kleenex box is on the little bookcase is where I plan to put another lamp. Or maybe a plant. A big, drapey pathos. Or maybe a lamp. Not sure yet. The floor lamp pictured belongs to my parents and is on loan until we get our own.

I think this room is going to need a rug eventually, something with a lot of deep red and gold, maybe. Who knows. It’s all just talk for now, anyhow. This room is going to look like this for awhile because apparently money doesn’t grow on trees or something? I’m still not sure I believe that, but we’ll see.

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  • Ah yes, I’ve heard that money doesn’t grow on trees. But you can still buy Money Trees (I’ve purchased them at IKEA, oh yes), in hopes that the good vibes will cause money to appear? It’s a theory. I’m still working on it. The living room is coming together nicely!