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Self Indulgent and Super Classy


Remember when I was in New York and I was blogging while posing for my friend Christine’s photo project? This is one of her final picks.

The assignment was to shoot a five page fashion spread that tells a story, so she decided to tell the story of a young blogger who gets her first book published. The spread would be titled, “Frosty-licious: Self Indulgent and Super Classy” and it features the blogger participating in various social media platforms. This one is called, “Twitter.” Or I don’t know, I just made that up, you’d have to ask Christine what it’s called.

Anyway, all the photos came out great, but I think my personality is most beautifully captured in this one:


Don’t you agree?

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  • ‘Cita

    The last photo kind of reminds me of your Aunt Patsy.

    • Frost

      That makes feel all squishy inside. In a good way.

  • Kim

    Love it.

    • Frost

      Thanks! When are you gonna post your Profesh Blogger headshots???

      • Kim

        Some day! I promise!

  • I like the 2nd one the best.

    • Frost