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We found a house in our price-range. I took this photo inside of it.
What the picture doesn’t convey is the overwhelming scent of decay,
the mushrooms growing in the carpet, and the fallen-in roof

Had a super awkward moment at the checkout stand today. I’m buying four bottles of wine and a bottle of pre-natal vitamins. How weird is that? Right? What kind of person buys pre-natal vitamins and booze? I might as well be buying a bottle of Evian and case of laxatives.

“They’re not for me,” I volunteered when I got to the register.


“They’re not for me. The vitamins. Just the wine is for me.”

The check-out man stared at me, blinked.

“I’m not, like, a pregnant drunk or anything. Drinking and pregnant, bad idea. I’m not pregnant.”

A long silence passed. I chewed my lip. The lady behind me coughed. The checker looked at the bottle of vitamins in his hand and recognition lit his face. “Oh! Yeah. I guess I didn’t look at the vitamins. I thought, what’s this lady talking about?”

“Right, pre-natal vitamins, ha! My bad.”

Could I be more awkward? Like the checker even cares. Like anyone even reads what’s on the labels of someone else’s groceries. And why do I care? They’re not for me, or they are for me but I’m not pregnant, not even trying to get pregnant, just … hopeful.

(This is where I whine about the problems in my first world life.)

Before we left New York we decided that next year was going to be THE year to try for a baby. Everything was going our way. Mike was almost done with school, we had great jobs, we were putting money in the bank every day. Obviously it would be easy to move across the country and buy a house and get pregnant by next year. Then we moved across the country and it turns out we totally can’t afford a house next year and Mike’s new school is giving him all this drama about transferring his credits and I’m afraid we were a little ambitious when we decided next year was THE year. If we manage to climb out of this hole we dug ourselves into, it will be largely because of the support we’ve gotten from my parents these last few months.

But I was just so damn excited and now I’m so damn disappointed. The thought that this dream was maybe that close to my reach made me so indescribably happy. And then I think about the women who try and try and it doesn’t happen and I’m terrified that that will be me. That I’ll put it off and put it off and then when we finally try it just won’t happen. And then what will I do?

I’ll live, I guess. I’ll figure it out. I’ll have Mike and we’ll be fine, whatever happens happens, we move on, I know. It would be heartbreaking but we would survive. Besides, it could all work out perfectly, so it’s silly to be worrying about it now. So I’m trying to stay positive. We are healthy, we are loved, and we are getting through this slightly uncomfortable transitionary period. And I’m taking some stupid unfortunately-named vitamins. Just in case. Is that so bad?

In the mean time, I will enjoy a glass of wine every evening, thank you very much.

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  • Kim

    Oh honeylicious I just want to hug you (and I will in just over a week). I swear, twin souls. And while we’re being honest? It took me about 30 seconds to type the word soul because I forgot for a second how to spell it. Or not how to spell it, but just that my fingers kept wanting to type “soal” and “sole” and my brain knew it was wrong but not how to correct it, so I just sat here staring. And ok, it was probably more like 5 seconds, but it felt like an eternity.

    Is my brain going to shit already? I’m not even pregnant/menopausal/super hormonal (ok that’s a lie, I am probably hormonal, because aren’t we always)?

    PS the office upstairs from us sometimes has a baby (one of their new hires just had a baby, and they have a pack n play set up so she can bring the baby in to work sometimes) and when I hear that baby cry, my ovaries go “OH HI I WANT ONE OF THOSE PLEASE” and my brain has to say “PUT ON THE HEADPHONES, KIM. YOU KNOW YOU CAN’T DO THIS NOW” and oh dear. Someday, but not thisday.

    And um, I hope my coworkers don’t read this comment because they will probably all think I am a freak.

    • Frost

      Looking forward to that hug, fo sho. Twin souls indeed. We need to get our screaming ovaries drunk. Maybe then they’ll shut up.

  • My dad was fond of saying “Good things come to those who wait.” My grandmother believed that “God has a plan for all of us.” I liked the TV show ‘One Day at a Time’.

    On the grocery thing. The little old lady who bags groceries where I shop simply LOVES to comment on everything I’m buying. It’s freaky.

    • Frost

      Best. Comment. Ever.

      So I wasn’t off-base thinking that maybe the grocer totally paid attention to what I was buying and might jump to the conclusion that I was a pregnant drunk?

      • I worked at 7-11 for a LONG time. After a while you don’t actually care although sometimes you wonder what someone’s going to do with Perperation-H, a wire scrubby brush a pack of cigars and BreathSavers… at 3:00 AM but usually you’re too busy to remember past the next customer.
        So no, wine and vitamins? Probably wasn’t even noticed. It wasn’t weird enough 🙂

        • Frost

          So, I was totally off-base. I figured. It’s because I’m so self-conscious. I wonder how often I make totally normal moments really awkward just because I’m so self-conscious?