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Did you get enough to eat?


Happy Thanksgiving from the Babblebrooks, the Thistlethornes, the Sweetwaters,
and my inner child.

Good Monday, Internets! I trust you had a nice Thanksgiving? I did. I spent all day Thursday baking, then dinner at my brother’s house. Friday Mike spent all day cooking and we had dinner at my parents house. Saturday I had lunch with Kim’s Kitchen Sink, which was wonderful, my only complaint being that we didn’t get a photo together and we really should have. Sunday we had my cousins and some longtime family friends over for turkey sandwiches and all in all it was a wonderful, long, relaxing weekend.


Rocky Thistlethorne wants to teach Father Sweetwater to fish Native-Style. But should they take Rocky’s trusty canoe or the Mayflower?


Chief Kelsey Sweetwater is having a pow wow with Brother’s Charlie and Chester, of the Thistlethorne Pilgrim Clan.

(We can thank my childhood feline companion for the sacrifice of a small bird which provided the feathers in Chief Kelsey’s headdress.)


The native women come bearing gifts of beads and blankets to the timid Pilgrim ladies.

And coming up next week… It’s Christmas in Sylvania!

(Also, is it living with my parents that’s causing this regression into childhood, or just the holidays and some good old fashioned nostalgia?)

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  • Tara

    My guess is the latter. It’s charming, and I hope you allow the critters to celebrate each holiday, each year. BTW, Hanukkah is this week!

    • Frost

      Project! Hanukkah in Sylvania!!!

  • Kim

    Know what’s funny? All morning before lunch, I thought about how fun it would be to take a picture of the two of us and be all “YAY WE ARE SO AWESOME! FUTURE CONFERENCE ROOMMATES!” and blog it and tweet it and basically be annoying all over the place. I seriously planned this in my mind.

    Alas, we were having so much fun that we didn’t take a picture…there are worse problems to have, I suppose. I had a grand time with you.

    And omg if you do Chanukkah with those little Sylvanians I will just about pee my pants with excitement.

    • Frost

      Project! Now if I can only find tiny menorahs and dreidles and latkes…