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A fellow walks into a bar.

I'm Too Cool for This Bird

My brother as Derek Zoolander, and his bird, Gracie.
Photo courtesy of my sister-in-law.

Congratulations to my brother who passed the bar! Me, I went right in.

(I totally stole that joke.)

We knew he was going to find out Friday night at six o-clock and when we hadn’t heard from him by twenty-seven after, we were all beginning to get depressed.

“Should I call him?”

“Don’t call him. If he hasn’t called us, it’s not good news.”

And then someone started banging on the front door so loud I thought for sure they must be holding a butcher knife and wearing a rubber mask. We all jumped up and ran to the door and it was my brother, triumphant, his wife glowing beside him. He didn’t say anything, just grinned and grabbed us for hugs.¬†We all cheered and laughed, our eyes wet and our cheeks sore. Pop and I were in our jammies, but we ran upstairs to change and then Pop took everyone to Kate Mantalini’s to celebrate.

It wasn’t until later, while I was getting ready for bed, that I suddenly remembered why we moved home. It wasn’t for the weather, or the malls, it was for family. We came home so we could be around for moments like these. And I’m so glad we did.