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Complete Turn Around

Phew! I’m just coming off a twelve-and-a-half hour work day, and I can’t tell if I’m exhausted or completely amped.

You guys, so far this week has been a million times better than last week. For one thing, I had a great work day today. After last week’s misery I was granted forty hours of training with a coding guru, and today was absolute bliss.

I guess I haven’t told you what it is I’m doing, have I? I’m learning web design. And HTML, CSS, javascript, and all that jazz. And up until today I’ve been learning it almost exclusively by myself, using various online video tutorials whenever I get stuck, which is constantly. This is not easy stuff. However, this week I’m in serious training and today was so. much. easier. The icing on the Monday Cake was when, after my eight hours of training, I used my new HTML skillz to format all the content on this:

It’s not fancy, but I’m super impressed with myself. I had to build tables! In HTML! You guys!

But the exhaustion is beginning to catch up with me. My shoulders, arms, neck, and butt ache. But oh! Valentine is doing great. She’s happy as can be, her gum-holes are healing beautifully, and we’ve nick-named her “Gums.” Theo went to the dentist today, and he had to have a tooth pulled too, but only one. We have learned our lesson and from now on we will take much, much, much better care of their oral hygiene, I promise.

Also? It’s been sunny for three days now and I’m in absolute heaven. Even though my face has been pressed to a computer screen for twelve-and-a-half hours, just the sunlight streaming in through the windows is enough to make me giddy.

I love you guys. Thanks for being there when I needed you.

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  • Dawn

    We took our dogs to the vet for vaccinations and one of them (I like to affectionately call her “Money Pit”)is going to need her teeth cleaned by the dentist. You know the knock her out really expensive kind….

    So, since then, I have been brushing doggy teeth everyday.

    Funny enough, the easiest to brush are the 75 lb and 55lb doggies. But the 35 lb very obese beagle (Money Pit, who along with a special diet because her body produces bladder stones, may have a thyroid problem)is RIDICULOUSLY challenging!

    • Frost

      OMG I’m so glad you understand what we’re going through! When you were a little girl, did you ever in a million years think you’d grow up to have to brush your DOG’S teeth every day? It’s crazy. I know. I live it too. 🙂

      • Dawn

        Seriously! When I was a little girl I didn’t even want to brush my own teeth!

  • Kim

    I am so proud of you!!!!!!!!

  • Marisa

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