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About – Oct. 2010


My name is Patricia Frost and I’m married to a handsome, brainy, mechanically gifted man named Michael who finds much of what I write on this website to be mildly embarrassing. We have two dogs, two cats, and a pet python named after the devil. We spend most of our free time vacuuming.

In February of 2007, just ten months after we married, we left our home in Los Angeles for New York City because I didn’t want to wake up at forty wondering what my life would have been like if I’d moved to New York and Mike didn’t want that either. Now I can say I know what life in New York is like and I’ll take Los Angeles any day. We left the city in August of 2010 and moved in with my parents in my childhood home with our five animals in the Valley. It’s a little weird. In a good way.

You’ll probably notice that I talk about New York a lot, and that’s because the nearly four years I spent there left a huge impression on me. The first two years were the hardest, most horrible years of my entire life, and if it weren’t for Michael, I don’t think I would have survived it. But survived it I did. We survived it together and the challenges we overcame made our marriage stronger and better than I ever could have imagined. He’s my best friend, my world, my hero, my everything. I adore him.

I am a writer, an actor, a Certified Family Law Paralegal and a professional blogger. I earned a BFA from a university-accredited art conservatory where I spent four years rolling around on the floor in white body make-up making funny noises and watching my tongue in a hand mirror. My college transcripts include Yoga, Tai Chi, Punk Writing, Queer Books, and Singing For Actors. In the future I’d like to go back to school and study science. I’ve always liked looking at the insides of things.

I love Neutral Milk Hotel, The Bangkok Five, and The New Pornographers. I collect photos of dead animals, I love poop jokes, and I frequently say inappropriate things. I hate high heels and fancy clothes. I’m terrible at standing up for myself. I dread dinner parties because I always end up standing awkwardly alone in a corner with stains on my dress and runs in my stockings. I’d rather stay home with good friends than go out for a night on the town. I want to have a baby so badly that sometimes I think my ovaries are talking to me, but the state of our current health care debacle is forcing us to wait. (Thanks for that, United States. I can vote but I can’t see a doctor. Awesome.)

In addition to A Serious Girl, I edit, compile and write for Ron and Robert on Divorce, a blog that provides information and education to families in crisis. I started writing my first blog, Frosty-licious, in May of 2007, just three months after moving thousands of miles away from home. At first I used blogging as a way to whine about how awful my first-world problems were. After a while I started writing instead of whining and before I knew it writing became my sanctuary. This blog is my sanctuary. Thank you for reading.

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