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So much for the tree theory

pepper blossom

Remember when I was convinced that I was growing orange trees on my windowsill? ┬áIt turns out they’re peppers. And apparently, as I am just discovering thanks to the macro setting on my camera, they are peppers with spider mites. Fantastic.

so much for the tree theory

Oscar and Meyer, the Mite-y Peppers, inherited by Josie S., a good friend. (Sorry about the mites!)

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  • ‘Cita

    Go ahead and cry. I’ve cried every time I’ve moved. Some of our energy stays behind, and tears help the now empty place feel love. Makes it nicer for the next person.

    • Frost

      I didn’t cry until we were driving away. But I did kiss some of the walls good bye, and I stroked them and said nice things. I do believe we left good energy, and that the next people who live there will be happy. xoxox