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Yesterday — This and That

We started packing this weekend. Not Michael and I, Adam and I. Michael is taking care of eight Alaskan Malamutes who live on eighty acres of land in Esopus, New York, and so Adam and I spent Saturday in Central Park, then we went to SoHo to do a little shopping, and then we went back to my apartment and started packing. I didn’t want to. We’d shared an idyllic New York afternoon and the last thing I wanted to do was ruin it by packing my home into cardboard boxes. I hemmed and hawed and insisted on cooking a three course meal, which is laughable considering I only starting learning how to cook within this last year, I was obviously just procrastinating. However, Adam is the kind of guy who organizes his underpants by color and cut because he thinks it’s fun, so by the time I had the first course on the table, he’d all ready packed up several boxes of stuff. And I was relieved. It was little like ripping a band-aid off a wound, but once the book shelves are empty, what’s the point in putting off the rest? So we packed and we packed, until we ran out of boxes and only then did I realize how much crap Mike and I have. Seriously. Adam and I packed twenty boxes of stuff from the living room and the only reason you can tell is because now there is a huge stack of packed and labeled boxes along one wall. Mike and I have really got our work cut out for us.

But for now twenty boxes will have to be enough, because on Sunday morning I hopped a train to Poughkeepsie and Mike picked me up at the station and drove me to Esopus, and now I am sitting on a deck with my feet up, laptop perched on my knees, a cup of peppermint tea at my elbow, and I am looking at this:

My View

I don’t know if you can tell from the crappy photo I took with my computer (I forgot the cord that connects my camera to the laptop, so had to use Photo Booth instead) but there is a lake beyond those trees. A perfectly lovely shimmering lake, full of fish to fish if you like to fish, and snapping turtles, and frogs, and all kinds of other wonderful things. There is space for the doglets to run around, so long as I keep them separated from the herd Malamutes, who, friendly as they are, see ten pound dachshunds and fifteen pound chihuahua mutts as snack foods. Of course, if I did let them mingle, we wouldn’t have to worry about driving cross-country with two dogs.

Sunday afternoon it was very hot and so I put our doglets in the air-conditioned, furnished basement and spent my afternoon like this:

P and Ish.

That’s Printer, and he probably weighs about a hundred pounds. He likes to rest his head on your knee for a scratch behind the ears, and if you don’t comply, he will take one of his giant paws, and he will place it gently on your shoulder and push a little. And then huff an exasperated sigh, as if to say, “I ask so little of you, human. PET ME ALL READY.”

This place is heaven. The space, the green, the crickets, the humming birds, the dragon flies, the wind in the trees, it’s all absolutely heaven. It’s a perfect reprieve from our impending move.

Malamute Footrest

Malamutes make good footrests.

T and TT

When Trouble wants to sit in your lap, you let her. All ninety-five pounds of her.

EDIT: This is my 100th post at A Serious Girl! (Just felt like I had to mention it.)

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  • So jealous. And SO excited!!!! You are packing!! And that’s coz you are coming home!!! Where I am!!!!

    • Jealous? That I’m moving to a city you all ready live in??

      • Yeah I guess I was pretty vague on the jealousy part wasn’t I? I was referring to your country getaway – that looks amazing and relaxing 🙂

        • Frost

          I knew that. I was giving you a hard time. 🙂

  • Jim

    As Mary Poppins says, well-begun is half-done!

    • Ah! I love that! It should be my new motto. 🙂

  • Dawn

    I have a big dog who puts his head on your knee, but he isn’t always so polite when requesting a pet…

    • What does he do??? Does he paw at you? Lick your face? Nibble your ears? Theo will just jam his head under my elbow, over and over, until I pet him. It’s a little frustrating if I’m trying to type or write or paint my toenails.

      • Dawn

        Well he likes to lay on the laptop when I’m doing homework…

        But usually, he paws (no claws, or at least not purposely.) And if that doesn’t work, he will get closer and closer until he is directly on top of you. He also is super jealous! If you try to pet one of the other animals (I have 3 dogs and 3 cats) he will literally push them out of the way or sit on them to steal their pets.

        But, he is the love of my life so it is probably all my fault. He is a (almost) 100 lb lap dog.

        • Frost

          Aaaah! I want to meet him!! He sounds wonderful.

  • Kim

    I will be your cross-country packing buddy if you want. I packed two boxes last night (my goal is at least one per weeknight)! My problem is finding places to put the boxes once they’re packed. We also have a lot of stuff. I fear we will become buried in boxes!

    • One box per weeknight sounds very reasonable! Where are you getting your boxes from? So far, we’ve gotten them from our basement and the local pharmacy. I understand the fear of being buried in boxes. I all ready feel that way. We’re thinking of trying to rearrange things so that the boxes become like pieces of furniture…

      • Kim

        We’ve been getting boxes from Craigslist (the “Free” section) and our local Berkeley Freecycle list. We actually got a huge load from a Freecycler who just moved to Berkeley from across the street from our new place, and we may not need any more!

        • Frost

          Brilliant! Thank you for the suggestion!!

  • ‘Cita

    They are Gorgeous animals! I can only imagine how much $ it costs to feed them all, per week. Probably equal to feeding a much larger human family.

    • Frost

      Or more! Because, you know, they eat all raw meat. Val buys chickens in bulk and grinds it all herself and freezes it. Then they get small servings of ground vegetables as well. Sometimes she feeds raw frozen dog food, but they prefer to feed all human food. After she finishes telling you how she feeds her eight Malamutes, she’ll smile and say, “We’re crazy.” But I completely understand. When we head back to LA and we can’t get our dog food from our employer any more, we won’t be able to afford the stuff we’ve been feeding, so we’re thinking of cooking for them. It will cost less than the high-grade kibble!

  • Tara

    When do you run the Ididerod? (sp?)

    • Frost

      I had to ask Mike what an Ididerod (sp?) was. Because I didn’t know. But now I do! And, I run it almost daily with my little mutts at home. Those little mutts are STRONG.

  • John

    I LOVE those dogs. They remind me so much of a dog I cared for.

    • Frost

      I love them too. They remind me of an old foster we had. What a coincidence!